4.3. Identify factors that have featured in reports into serious cases of abuse and neglect.

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 7 – Safeguarding and Protection in Care Settings

L.O 4 – Understand the national and local context of safeguarding and protection from abuse

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This is quite different from the sensational stories that you have heard about the bad care practises at mainstream institutions, such Winterbourne View Hospital and Stafford Orchid Care, where individuals have been accused of abuses and mistreatment of patients, like physical and emotional mistreatment.

This research is done by a reference services board which interviews look into family members of those who have lost loved ones and gets their ideas on how to prevent the loss of more lives in the future (SARs). According to these reviews (formerly known as Serious Case Reviews), adults had many shortcomings to their protection: a number of key reasons for these problems were due to unaddressed deficiencies.

  • All the agencies aren’t talking to each other, or the communication between them is weak.
  • Decisions concerning the recipient not being treated with person-oriented models such as their right to have privacy, free choice, and preferences not being taken into consideration
  • The failure to identify and/the inability to report injuries is one of the most common problems that child actors face in child roles.
  • Few or no managers or no managers or few managers or executives, or both
  • Poorly managed or poorly planned processes
  • The fundamental problem is a shortage of adequate training and development for personnel (especially around safeguarding)
  • Staff members’ realization that they may suffer retaliation if speaking out

The erasure of knowledge causes failures, so it is critical to look back and understand where problems have arisen to avoid them in the future.

It is essential that workers know the systems and practices for reporting any concerns of child abuse to be in place. It is also required that they be trained to identify indicators of child abuse, understand the social and operational processes for doing so they can bring attention to them.

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