7.3. Explain the emergency procedure to be followed if a fire occurs in work settings.

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 8 – Promote Health, Safety, and Well-being in Care Settings

L.O 7 – Be able to promote fire safety in the work setting

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7.3. Explain the emergency procedure to be followed if a fire occurs in work settings

The emergency procedure to be followed if a fire occurs in work settings will vary depending on the workplace. However, some general steps that should be taken include evacuating the building immediately, calling 911, and notifying others in the area about the fire.

It is important to note that different fires present different risks and require different responses. For example, if there is a chemical fire, using water to extinguish it may do more harm than good. In such cases, it is important to follow the instructions of emergency personnel.

When to evacuate: Never ignore a fire alarm, even if you believe that it is false. If there is the slightest suspicion that the building may be on fire, immediately evacuate and notify others in the area. There have been cases where people ignored alarms because they assumed they were due to faulty equipment and ended up dying in fires.

If it is safe: If the fire does not pose a risk and if it can be helped, first try to extinguish the fire on your own. However, remember that certain fires such as those of chemicals require special caution.

If you cannot extinguish the fire on your own: Evacuate the building immediately and notify others in the area.

If it is unsafe to evacuate: If there are people in the area who cannot get out on their own, try to extinguish the fire. Remember that special precautions may be needed when trying to fight a chemical fire. Otherwise, do not approach the fire and stay in a safe spot away from it.

In case of an electrical fire: There should be no need to extinguish an electrical fire. Simply stay away from it and make sure that the electricity is cut by pulling out the plug (if accessible) or switching off the main switch.

Call 911: The first thing that must be done after evacuating the building and getting to a safe spot is calling for help. Give the responding authorities all the information that they need, such as the location of the fire and how it started.

Dispense water carefully: If it is safe to get close enough to a chemical fire in order for water to be effective, do not aim at the source of flame. Instead, spray on or near it. This will reduce the risk of a large explosion.

The emergency procedure to be followed if a fire occurs in work settings will depend on many factors, including how big the building is and what type of chemicals are present. Because of this, it is important to follow instructions from emergency personnel who have been trained to handle such scenarios. This includes evacuating immediately and calling 911 to receive the relevant information.

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