2.4. Support audit processes in line with own role and responsibilities

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 9 – Promote Effective Handling of Information in Care Settings

L.O 2 – Be able to implement good practise in handling information

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2.4. Support audit processes in line with own role and responsibilities

It has already been indicated that to view or update records, they should be done in a safe and private environment free from curious eyes. You should also make sure that no one may overhear you when you are chatting about personal information. Once you have done viewing or modifying, your data should be restored to their secure storage immediately. Leave electronic papers on your computer open while you are away so that others can continue working on them. Either complete closing your applications after you’ve finished or, if you are leaving your computer for any amount of time, lock your computer.

Most companies choose to store them in cabinets or drawers safeguarded by a lock and key when it comes to paper documents. Also, the individuals’ records will be housed in a secured area. Only authorized individuals will have access to them, as only they will possess the necessary key. Computers and electronic records should always be protected by using passwords and keeping them on secured systems. Only users with the appropriate password or having been granted access to their user account will access these resources.

Audits are employed to determine whether or not there are risks, vulnerabilities, and faults in an organization by testing and monitoring security, correctness, and efficiency. The kinds of organizational audit procedures you are involved in, particularly related to data processing, will depend on your unique job and duties. The meaning of this might be:

  • Frequently checking forms to make sure that everything is filled out correctly
  • Publicizing any security vulnerabilities, you uncover
  • Making sure the Medication Administration Record (MAR) sheets are up to date on a monthly basis
  • Monitoring team member procedures to ensure that procedures are being followed
  • Doing a review of policies and procedures

While you may not be in charge of doing data storage, security, or protection audits, it is still crucial that you can provide a hand with these operations. Regarding inspection activities carried out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), audits are critical to their overall operations and allow CQC to effectively verify that your organization abides by key standards of inquiry (KLOEs). Inspectors will evaluate the relevant information you provided, and your organization will have to substantiate conformity concerning both the technical systems and operational processes.

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