2.1. Describe features of manual and electronic information storage systems that help ensure security

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 9 – Promote Effective Handling of Information in Care Settings

L.O 2 – Be able to implement good practise in handling information

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2.1. Describe features of manual and electronic information storage systems that help ensure security

We must implement secure recording, storage, and sharing systems in health and social services contexts since we handle sensitive information and preserve the anonymity of the patients we care for and the colleagues we work with. To be assessed according to the evaluation criteria outlined below, you must define the characteristics and show the processes that assure data security.

A secure system is a method of data storage that is designed to restrict access to data to only authorized individuals. This might be a lockable file cabinet or computer software protected by a password. Systems protected with a great deal of security will also help safeguard data from other threats, such as fire, flood, or mechanical/electronic failure.

Manual Information Storage (Paper or Hard-Copies)

The guidelines that are set forth for the proper handling of company paperwork states that your company’s paperwork should be securely stored. These most likely are documents located in a file cabinet, drawer, or folder which is only accessed by approved personnel. A file cabinet with a lock on it or in the room where the documentation is located should have been used to restrict access. You must have a key, an electronic code, a digital ID badge, or biometrics in order to get entrance (e.g., fingerprint scanner, etc.).Additionally, these storage facilities should be fire and water-resistant to help prevent the building from being damaged or destroyed due to a disaster.

First and foremost, safe storage locations and locations for the removal of records must be kept apart. If this isn’t done, sensitive information might be left in an unsecured location. For the general public’s safety, any paperwork containing personal information should not be left unattended in public spaces.

While discussing information contained in secure records, privacy safeguards must be employed to guarantee nobody can overhear the conversation to safeguard confidentiality. The elimination of daily information processing does not have to be mandated, but this is a matter of policy. When information no longer has to be accessed on a daily basis, it may be stored in a secure storage unit or shredded/incinerated.

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