3.2. Support others to understand and contribute to records

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 9 – Promote Effective Handling of Information in Care Settings

L.O 3 – Be able to support others to handle information

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3.2. Support others to understand and contribute to records

Supporting those that you are helping may not be aware of the reasons why your organization must protect the information. Therefore, you may need to make this clear to them. It is also possible that you may be asked to explain how they can keep their personal information protected.

In order to help them understand your own position in the management of their personal information, you may have to tell them how safe your handling of that information is and that their personal information will be kept secret. This will clarify that you will seek consent whenever you need to disclose someone’s personal information, but on some occasions, you may be obligated to reveal someone’s personal information without consent, and in these instances, you will always let them know what you have done.

You may also need to encourage the individual’s loved ones and advocates in sharing their beliefs about the need for safe data management. It’s possible that individuals may have questions regarding their own records, and you should be prepared to address them.

Furthermore, there may be situations when you may be presented with challenges, such as when a family member asks for access to someone’s documents, but the subject does not consent. When it comes to these kinds of situations, you will have to clarify that it is your job to keep sensitive information to yourself until given permission to reveal it.

It is critical that you see to it that these various groups identified above understand the ways in which they can be involved and interested in records and how they benefit from that knowledge so as to ensure the integrity of the information and for the advancement of partnerships and collaborations.

The content of the material should be presented in a way that everyone can understand. Communication methods include, but are not limited to, spoken, written, Braille, or other approaches. Records should also be retained since it is beneficial to better understand the company.

There should be accessible for individuals who have permission to use the records, and the method in which they are able to contribute should be detailed. To provide one example, it is suggested that everyone is encouraged to participate in developing their care plan, which allows them to control their daily lives and lead independent lives.

You may make sure that everyone in your team is initiated and trained to the needed standard with regards to managing information, and you can keep this a top priority, such as at team meetings and during one-on-one meetings, such as supervision. Your suggestions may very well motivate your colleagues to ensure they give themselves sufficient time to capture information and to take the time to fill out forms when the information is still fresh in their minds.

To be approachable, you should also make yourself approachable to your workers, allowing them to ask questions and ask for clarification when they do not understand anything. Informal chats may be quite valuable as well, especially if you see that a team member is not following data handling guidelines effectively. Resist poorly executed jobs and hold those who conduct them accountable, as these jobs provide other people with the opportunity to understand why the jobs are conducted in a specific manner.

Having excellent personal practices for task performance not only promotes good work habits in others but also increases the likelihood that others following your lead will do their duties effectively.

Recognizing the need for frequent record-keeping, constantly checking on what your team has written, and demonstrating that the material has been read and acted upon will reinforce the value of this activity. An example: If a team member notices that an individual has particularly loved a certain television show, then you may notify the rest of the team so that the individual does not miss any more episodes.

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