9.2. Analyse factors that can trigger stress

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 8 – Promote Health, Safety, and Well-being in Care Settings

L.O 9 – Know how to manage stress

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9.2. Analyse factors that can trigger stress

Stress is a natural response to challenging or threatening situations. It helps us to stay alert and focused so that we can protect ourselves from harm. However, when stress becomes chronic it can have harmful consequences for our mental and physical health.

There are many factors that can trigger stress, including work-related pressure, family obligations, money problems, and health concerns.

  1. Work-related Pressure – We all have to work and everyone has a different level of tolerance for stress. However, some jobs may be more stressful than others.
  2. Family obligations- From childcare and housework to caring for elderly relatives, family responsibilities can be draining and stressful.
  3. Money problems – Financial pressures such as significant debt or financial difficulties can be extremely stressful.
  4. Health concerns- Although stress cannot directly cause a health problem, it can worsen certain existing conditions, particularly heart disease and diabetes. It also increases the likelihood of developing mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

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