3.1. Support others to understand the need for secure handling of information

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 9 – Promote Effective Handling of Information in Care Settings

L.O 3 – Be able to support others to handle information

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3.1. Support others to understand the need for secure handling of information

Written documentation, proper record-keeping, and accurate, full, and legible service are necessary for a health and social care context since misunderstandings might lead to interactions between co-workers and other organizations being misinterpreted. As successful written communication keeps service quality and consistency intact, it serves as a kind of documentation. Some of the information in your daily duty might be used as evidence in court, and as a result, it is a legal obligation that all the records are filed inaccurately.

To maintain your records’ up-to-datedness, you need to guarantee that your information is being documented in a timely manner, but this will depend on the kind of information you are keeping track of. For example, after providing medicine, signing a MAR sheet should be done promptly. On the other hand, filling out a timesheet might be done at a calmer time, for example, after the individual being supported has gone to bed.

As part of their standard monitoring process, the system administrators will also have to manually evaluate and approve any new documentation. The frequency will rely on your organization’s working and support choices, as well as the requirements and habits of the folks you are helping. Let’s use a simple example. For example, an individual’s care plan may need to be reviewed and updated every three months, although their financial plan may only require done annually. Nonetheless, even if the dates are explicit, you should make updates to records more regularly in order to keep up with events.

It is important to maintain full records so that there should be no missing information. For filling out forms, you should make sure that no areas are left missing. If specific information is not relevant, you should write n/a or not applicable in the field instead of leaving it blank. In the event that you make a mistake, place a single line through it. Tippex should not be used.

To help you better express yourself in your work, be aware of the purpose for each addition and removal of information, and make sure anything that you write will be understood by readers in the future. Stick to the facts and avoid personal conjecture while writing; do not write in a subjective manner.

You should constantly maintain track of your information so that it is easily readable. Start by writing your ideas in black ink, and you’ll maintain the legibility of your handwriting as well. This may entail taking your time and writing slower, writing in block capitals, or maybe writing in a different way altogether. Also, check to see whether the spelling and punctuation are right. As the digital world advances, more and more systems are moving into the digital realm, which has led to an overall decrease in readability because the typed/printed word is always readable. Although handwritten records are still required in some situations, you’ll need to make sure your handwriting is readable, or you’ll be finding yourself entering many systems. Signing your documents is always an excellent idea and should be done even if it’s just a matter of form.

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