1.2. Explain own role and responsibilities in safeguarding individuals

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 7 – Safeguarding and Protection in Care Settings

L.O 1 – Understand principles of safeguarding adults

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1.2. Explain own role and responsibilities in safeguarding individuals

As a healthcare professional, one of my most important responsibilities is to safeguard the patients in my care. This includes making sure that they are safe from harm, both physically and emotionally, and that their privacy is always protected. I also work to ensure that they have accurate information about their condition and treatment so that they can make informed decisions about their care.

It’s important to remember that patients are not just numbers or cases; they are real people with families and lives outside of the hospital or clinic. So it’s vital that we take the time to get to know them personally, learn what matters to them, and respect their wishes whenever possible.

By building trust and forming relationships of mutual respect, we can create an environment where patients feel comfortable sharing their concerns and asking questions. This can also help us to identify risks and problems more quickly, which will hopefully enable us to prevent them from becoming serious issues.

In order to be able to safeguard as many patients as possible as effectively as possible, healthcare professionals need a variety of skills and qualifications. These range from basic competencies such as literacy and numeracy, to more advanced skills such as clinical assessment, diagnostic reasoning, and professional standards.

In addition to caring for patients, safeguarding involves keeping detailed patient records so that healthcare professionals can monitor their progress. This helps us to identify any problems quickly and take steps to resolve them before they become serious.

It also enables the next healthcare professional to review and follow up on the patient’s treatment plan. Lastly, safeguarding includes maintaining confidentiality and respecting patient rights at all times (which is part of our Code of Professional Conduct).

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