3.3. Demonstrate ways to overcome barriers to communication

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 6 – Promote Communication in Care Settings

L.O 3 – Be able to overcome barriers to communication

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3.3. Demonstrate ways to overcome barriers to communication

Our workplaces have evolved from traditional offices to largely automated environments over the last few decades. We finish our tasks and chat over the Internet. However, we continue to face the same connectivity challenges as we did decades before. Here are a few simple ways to break down office contact walls that you can use right now.

  • Make it easier for you to communicate by increasing the number of networks

It might not be a contact obstacle if you don’t feel like you’re connecting well enough with your colleagues. In reality, the favorite mode of communication might not be common with your team members.

An email was the preferred method of communication in many businesses around the world until recently. Despite many of its advantages, it had flaws, necessitating the creation of new tools. Video calling applications, voice call apps, screen sharing apps, and team talk apps like Chanty are only a few examples.

You should try something else if one engagement tool doesn’t fit your squad. E.g., email may be inconvenient for notifications about urgent projects or answering fast questions – this is where the team chats app comes in handy.

  • Keep a record of the contact methods.

Assume you connect using various tools, including email, a team chat app, and Zoom. You have a question for your project manager about a job that needs to be completed today, but you’re unsure when to ask it. Can channel do you think you can use?

Your team will be perplexed if you’re perplexed. A written standard operating procedure (SOP) informing the team members when to connect the information is one way to get around this issue. Relevant announcements and reminders, for example, are sent via email; meetings are held via Zoom; and fast task-related messages are sent via the team chat app, among other things. The goal is to have an efficient communications process in place so that your team members know where to direct their efforts will not be lost.

  • Have an effort to understand the co-worker’s viewpoints.

Most problems that come from a misunderstanding at work can be improved by expanding communication to include colleagues on the other side of the transaction. People don’t feel better if we talk to them about things, they already know about, and when we discuss topics relevant to their workday, whether we do or not.

When someone in another department tries to explain anything, you feel like you don’t understand what they’re saying, how many times have you’ve you found yourself in this situation? A brand manager, for example, may be discussing click-through rates or return on ad spend as a developer listen.

To avoid this from happening, make sure that everyone on the squad knows what the other departments and colleagues are up to. They would have a greater understanding of their workload, responsibilities, and how they fit into your organization’s overall scheme of things.

This can be accomplished by creating a handbook that summarises all of its roles or adds new employees to their responsibilities while onboarded. It might be worthwhile to send your staff to a course to learn more about various procedures in your business with such positions. A course in web development basics, for example, will be extremely beneficial to an HR professional who wants to identify and recruit better developers

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