5.3. Manage risk in a way that maintains the individual’s right to make choices

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 5 –Promote Person-Centered Approaches in Care Settings

L.O 5 –Be able to support the individual’s right to make choices.

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5.3. Manage risk in a way that maintains the individual’s right to make choices

For people to have a fair chance to make informed decisions, we should all agree on the same risk measures.

One must collect as much information as possible, determine the probability of negative outcomes, and balance that against possible positive outcomes if the risk is acceptable to understand whether to go ahead with the proposition.

  • To go through an assessment of the risk with an individual, one must: go through an individual risk assessment
  • Teach them to get relevant information that will help them make an informed decision
  • Equip them with the necessary information to recognize and investigate potential dangers and possible rewards
  • Stand behind them to help them analyze various choices
  • Suggest new rules may help to mitigate the risks or change the course of what would be required to take action
  • Respect and endorse their decisions even though you consider them to be wrong.

Since you are the only one who knows exactly what risks the company is taking, you can talk to the person about ways you can lower or remove them. For example, during winter, individuals who have heart disease are more susceptible to illnesses and should be aware of this, soiling themselves, making them more likely to contract the cold. 

So, during the cold months, they should spend less time outdoors and use enclosed spaces to cover themselves with more clothes. Not only should you agree with them, but you are bound to do so, as well. For people with a cognitive disability (such as dementia) who might wander off the path and need their locator to assist them, we set out G.P.S. and follow paths and schedules they can confidently retrace.

Sustainability appraisal reviews should be performed regularly to ensure that evaluations remain effective for the company’s current needs. An individual’s or group’s capacity to cross the road becomes reduced (due to any illness or due to age). As a result, the dangers they might face doing so increases (e.g., for drivers who might start to suffer from failing faculties). 

Due to (to the inclusion of the general external elements), extra precautions are required when entering the population, or general elements are introduced in the environment, such as the Covid-19 outbreak. As soon as an accident or event occurs, risk assessments should always be revised.

You should make notes about the options discussed and their impact on the decision to foster growth. This can be beneficial for a long- note impacts can be recorded. However, they are only really helpful for those individuals who can still recall the information long after you’ve forgotten.

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