4.4. Demonstrate ways to promote understanding and use of active participation

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 5 –Promote Person-Centered Approaches in Care Settings

L.O 4 – Be able to implement and promote active participation

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4.4. Demonstrate ways to promote understanding and use of active participation

Work should be person-centered, and the individuals should understand why it is beneficial to them. As people understand the reasons and advantages for operating in this manner, they would be motivated to be a more involved member of the organization.

Much of your efforts will be concentrated on providing opportunities for the up-providing of active involvement to colleagues, such as new to treatment or who may not have the most current experience and skill levels. Challenging any instances of bad performance that you notice by following and/ emulating your colleagues’ best practices will help you encourage team involvement. 

One can teach effectively using different methods: formal and informal training or as their guide. “Enthusiastic engagement” should be examined when looking over job supervision, assessment, and long-care plans. Additionally, pamphlets and leaflets in faculty work areas will help staff and students comprehend the knowledge and gain a greater understanding.

You should also tell this to the people providing that person’s family members, including a relative who provides treatment for them. When families feel it is their right to impose their beliefs on a view on an idea, regardless of the ideas the individuals may have, they may make a dangerous assumption. Often, they believe they know what is best for their loved ones, regardless of these contradicting desires.

Moreover, some group members may have outdated ideas about individuals getting treatment, believing that they cannot manage their affairs. Another method is appealing to the language of culture constructively to alter their perception of what is an acceptable practice.

As a lead care worker, you will have a duty to lead the way to make sure that everyone understands how to participate actively. The person’s relatives, co-workers, and the general public may also be added to the list of people that the individual is affecting.

Several strategies for increasing active involvement include the following:

  • Instead of merely giving commands, try explaining to your team members the value of their active involvement.
  • All new apprentices, regardless of their skill levels, are educated in the use of active participation
  • As a good a father, a father role model, an active participation
  • We encourage our students to make a difference in the lives of others, telling them about their own experiences through an act of meaningful service.

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