4.3. Demonstrate how active participation can address the holistic needs of an individual

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 5 –Promote Person-Centered Approaches in Care Settings

L.O 4 – Be able to implement and promote active participation

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4.3. Demonstrate how active participation can address the holistic needs of an individual

One’s well-being is not limited to his or influenced by one individual needs; it also includes such things as security, being productive, self-actualization, having fulfilling relationships, and experiencing the world. to feel secure, felt safe, cared for, and looked after, as well as aspects of life such as physical health, mental health, social contact, and emotional well-being

Looking at the needs and wants of the person and considering them all together is essential, rather than identifying just specific issues, allows you to provide holistic treatment. In addition, one example is that a person could have religious convictions that they are vegetarian, which may affect their health if they aren’t considered while they are preparing meals and shopping.

Active engagement deals with the individual’s needs because it offers more options about the ways to care and help, boost self-esteem, self-confidence, and ability to be independent in its kit, and ensure that the recipient has a sense of control over all elements of their entire treatment and recovery. They will know they have a purpose; they will be valuable, they will know how to impact the quality of their treatment, and others will respect them.

Having a voice often decreases the risk of injury and the possibility of a person experiencing violence or neglect because they are aware of their rights. As exercise involves more activity, the activity often improves their physical health and enables them to spend time and connect with others. Participating in group activities has a positive impact on their mental well-being and can also reduce the potential risk of social isolation.

Becoming more proactive in managing and better-taking care of one’s overall health can meet the needs of a person

  • Promoting exercise has positive effects on both physical health and physical well-being
  • Inviting people into their lives, things that keep them from falling into mental health issues
  • Helping people to find their voice and enabling them to become more independent
  • Advocating that an individual’s arguments, ensuring that an individual’s opinion is acknowledged and respected

To do so, care workers should incorporate active engagement into their practices, allowing them to create a comprehensive image of each individual’s wants and needs. Furthermore, a trusting relationship between caregivers and care recipients helps help to build their respect for and responsibility.

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