4.1. Describe different ways of applying active participation to meet individual needs

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 5 –Promote Person-Centered Approaches in Care Settings

L.O 4 – Be able to implement and promote active participation

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4.1. Describe different ways of applying active participation to meet individual needs

There are many different ways to apply active participation to meet individual needs. Some common approaches include:

1) Participation in decision-making: This approach involves giving people a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. It can be used in settings such as classrooms, workplaces, or communities.

2) Participation in planning and implementation: This approach helps people participate in the design and delivery of services and programs that affect them. It can be used in health care, social services, or community development projects.

3) Participation in monitoring and evaluation: This approach helps people track the impact of their participation on program outcomes. It is often used in participatory evaluation exercises.

4) Participation as a way of doing things: This approach involves building and relying on a network of people and organizations for community self-help. This can be done locally (face-to-face, with improvised materials or ICTs) or in a much larger area, applied in different sectors like education, health or the production and dissemination of knowledge.

Some approaches to active participation have been used widely. For example, Participatory Action Research (PAR) is a form of participatory research that places emphasis on the social transformation of the community being researched and uses co-learning and co-research as key principles for achieving this.

In emergency preparedness and response, some humanitarian emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, and drought have been handled with a more participatory approach. This has involved engaging rural communities to find ways how to build resilience against natural disasters, working in partnership between citizens, local government, and aid agencies.

It also incorporates the use of new technologies such as ICTs for development (or “ICT4D”) to engage governments, aid organizations, international agencies and community members. In the field of co-production, new technologies have been used to engage patients as partners in the provision of healthcare.

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