3.2. Identify skills and approaches needed for resolving conflicts

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 1 –Responsibilities of a Care Worker

L.O 3 – Be able to work in partnership with others.

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3.2. Identify skills and approaches needed for resolving conflicts

The skills and approaches needed for resolving conflicts include the ability to create awareness of the vision for service, to focus on solutions rather than problems, and to listen with empathy. Additionally, it is helpful to have knowledge of different conflict resolution strategies and to be able to adapt them as needed. Finally, a commitment to working through challenges until a resolution is reached is essential.

In addition to the above, a personal commitment to honesty in communication and integrity in relationships is critical. This means that individuals must be willing to acknowledge their own mistakes and take ownership of them. It also means being willing to communicate clearly and honestly with each other, even when the message may be difficult to receive.

The ADR Center for Facilitation Training & Consulting has been providing mediation training since 1992. It offers both classroom-based training as well as video-based training for those who cannot attend a live class due to scheduling or location issues. Since 2001, it has also offered online classes through webinars, which are now called virtual classroom training. Online classes are open for registration year-round, however, students are notified of upcoming classes on a rolling basis.

The ADR Center offers a variety of training programs, including:

The ADR Center is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and has been providing mediation training to the broader community since 1992. The ADR Center offers mediation and facilitation training programs that are open to anyone who is interested in learning more about alternative dispute resolution. It provides training opportunities for those who are looking to become mediators, facilitators, arbitrators, and decision-makers in their own communities.

The ADR Center offers mediation training programs that are designed for people who work in organizations where mediators may be required or where it will be helpful to have a better understanding of how mediation works. The courses provide an overview of the different types of disputes that can arise in organizations, along with information on issues related to confidentiality, ethics, and the law. The courses are taught by experienced mediators and facilitators who have extensive experience working with organizations.

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