1.2. Describe different working relationships in care settings

Course- Level 3 diploma in care (RQF)

Unit 1 –Responsibilities of a Care Worker

L.O 1 – Understand working relationships in care settings

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1.2. Describe different working relationships in care settings

There are a few different types of working relationships in care settings. The first is the hierarchical relationship, where there is a clear chain of command and orders flow down from top to bottom. This type of relationship can be effective in some settings, but it can also lead to communication problems and a lack of cooperation.

Another common type of working relationship is the collegial relationship, where people work together as equals to achieve common goals. This type of relationship can be very productive, as it allows for open communication and collaboration. However, it can also be difficult to maintain when tensions or disagreements arise.

The final type of working relationship is the client-provider relationship, where the provider is responsible for meeting the needs of the client. This type of relationship can be beneficial in some settings, but it can also lead to the provider becoming too focused on the needs of the client and not paying enough attention to others on the team or larger organizational goals.

Different types of working relationships allow for different styles of communication and cooperation, which can benefit an organization in some ways and harm it in others. It is often difficult to balance the different needs and goals of an organization, and this requires a good understanding and knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of different working relationships.

There are several examples of how these working relationships can be harmful to an organization. One example is when the professional relationship between a healthcare provider and their client becomes too focused on the client. This can lead to problems in larger organizational goals, such as when a provider is not meeting standard care or treatment protocols because they are catering to their client’s requests for different procedures or medication. Another example of how these relationships can be harmful is when communication between members of an organization breaks down due to inappropriate working relationships.

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