4.2 Apply values and principles that underpin service provision

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 9: Professional practice in health and social care for adults or children and young people

LO4: Be able to apply values, principles, and statutory frameworks that underpin service provision in own area of work

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4.2 Apply values and principles that underpin service provision

The values and principles that underpin service provision are important because they provide a framework for how we operate.

To demonstrate that you are able to apply the values and principles that underpin service provision in your own practice, you will need to show evidence of planning, organizing, and managing service provision within legal frameworks which govern health and social care. This will include applying correct documentation requirements to support assessment, diagnosis, and treatment protocols.

What values or principles underpin service provision?

The following values underpin service provision:

  • Respect
  • Dignity, and
  • Confidentiality.

The principles are:

  • Equality and diversity
  • Justice, rights, and responsibilities
  • Safety and quality.

Within your own specific area of work, what do these values or principles look like?

Respect: Treats people the way they want to be treated; acts with honesty, integrity, and fairness; treats people fairly and equitably.

Dignity: Treats people with respect, showing consideration for their privacy, rights, and beliefs; recognizing that everyone is different.

Confidentiality: Keeps everything they are told in confidence; not sharing any information without consent or authority; keeps details of clients confidential unless necessary.

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In the context of this unit, you will need to be able to apply values and principles that underpin service provision. These include:

  • Respect for all people, taking into account their choices, rights, and beliefs
  • Impartiality means that decisions about services are made on a non-discriminatory basis in compliance with equality legislation
  • Confidentiality
  • Individual rights and responsibilities to participate in planning, decision making, and managing services
  • You are able to work in partnership with others by leading a care plan review, during which all parties involved come together for an objective look at what needs changing about the service user’s delivery of their own personal care.
  • You are able to promote choice for service users by asking them what they would like, or how much of a preference is there in terms of their clothing and food preferences.
  • Obligation to promote equality of opportunity and respect diversity
  • Responsibility for managing risk, including safeguarding vulnerable people from abuse or neglect.
  • Act according to one’s responsibilities, exercising discretion in a professional manner
  • Ensure personal values are compatible with those of the organization or place where working
  • Apply relevant legislation and codes of practice, taking action to maintain high standards of care
  • Be aware of your own limitations and vulnerabilities but also recognize individual strengths, capabilities, and talents for service delivery.

These values and principles underpin service provision in a number of ways. When you are caring for people, it is important to show respect, dignity, confidentiality, impartiality, inclusion, individual rights, and responsibilities. You need to ensure that your own values and principles do not interfere with the delivery of care.

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