4.2 Explain how to support others during the safeguarding process

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 12: Understand safeguarding and protection in health and social care settings

LO4: Understand how to support others in safeguarding

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4.2 Explain how to support others during the safeguarding process

The process of safeguarding children, adolescents, and adults can be traumatic for all involved so it’s important that everyone is informed about what will happen. They should also know when things are going to get better or worse with the case in question because there isn’t really an easy answer as far as timing goes – just something we have learned over time: sometimes situations doesn’t improve after talking through them together but they do often settle themselves out without any intervention needed from professionals at all!

If the person wants confidentiality, then it is their duty as an abuse survivor and representative of other victims that they speak out. You cannot be trusted with such information unless there are circumstances where harm could occur if this disclosure was made public knowledge to those involved. In such a case, confidentiality can be breached as there is to be a great risk of future serious physical or mental harm if the disclosure remains undisclosed to those who might protect you from said harm.

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If they want others to know about their abuse, then they should have a say in how it happens and to whom it might happen. Remember that this person has been through a lot and needs time to come around with disclosing details because that’s what triggers memories of their abusers’ actions which may cause them to shut down again – remember how I mentioned being triggered earlier? That applies here, especially if dysphoria still haunts them during these conversations. If they do not feel safe enough at home/with you to share information about what happened, you should help them find a place they are comfortable enough to talk about it in.

You can also offer to accompany them if needed for these disclosure meetings with the statutory agencies – do not directly tell them what to say or how to say it otherwise you will look like you’re trying to manipulate their situation because that’s exactly what happens when people try this hard. Be there, be respectful, listen & ask questions so they know people care about them and don’t see them as “just another victim”.

This may all sound complicated but it’s actually really simple once you get used to doing it. Just remember that this is something straightforward at its core – just support someone who has experienced sexual abuse through whatever means necessary whilst being mindful of their well-being. Even if you are not struggling with dysphoria yourself, please be mindful of this because.

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