Unit 5: Facilitate Person-Centred Assessment to Support Well-Being of Individuals

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

At this time in history, mental health issues are prevalent and well-known. The World Health Organization estimates that over 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Mental illness is not something to be ashamed of but rather should be addressed with compassion and support.

It can often be difficult for individuals who live with mental illness to access treatment services due to the stigma surrounding these illnesses; many feel too much shame or fear judgment when considering reaching out for help.” “Mental health professionals have an important role in supporting the individual’s sense of self-worth by facilitating person-centeredness through compassionate assessment.

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This Level 4 Diploma in Care unit helps you to explore the theoretical models of assessment and put them into practice, person-centered way. It includes 3 learning outcomes that each comprise several criteria for assessing a client’s well-being needs while also taking into account their cultural background or preferences when possible.

LO1: Understand theories and principles of assessment

Nowadays, there are a lot of assessment theories and models. They were mainly developed by psychologists to help them provide psychotherapy with better results. One specific type of theory is the “cognitive-behavioral” model which relies on assessing a person’s thoughts and behaviors with regards to their mental health issues. It is also commonly used in drug research for smoking cessation, alcohol abuse programs, cardiovascular prevention programs among others. This model focuses on preventing mental damage caused by addiction or alcoholism through changing unhealthy habits into healthier ones. It aims at eliminating bad thoughts like “I am always stressed” and replacing them with more positive affirmations such as “I am healthy.”

Critically review theoretical models of assessment

It is possible for empirical data to be derived from a theoretical model, rather than a conceptual model. This can happen in two ways:

1) by rewriting the conceptual model as a set of equations and

2) by empirically solving the equations that make up the equation-based theory.

Review the effectiveness of assessment tools available to support your role

There are a number of assessment tools available to assess progress against the DGA competencies. Tools can be purchased in addition to or in lieu of a training program and include any combination of books, self-help materials, DVD, CD-ROMs, online courses, and live seminars. These products address individual mastery measures for computers rather than specific roles such as clinician/consumer information specialist or manager. In this way, they represent a complete set of coaching skills designed to cultivate demonstrable change in positive behavior – both oneself and others.

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Analyze the effect of legislation and policy on assessment processes

Evaluating policies and legislative changes requires a thorough knowledge of the circumstances prior to implementing their new policy, as well as being proficient at identifying statistical anomalies. Such anomalies can be due to incorrect implementation of the law. For example, if they leave out certain age groups for an assessment process, the results will reflect this bias and will not provide accurate information on those who were excluded from the tests. Statistical evidence is key when addressing such issues with lawmakers or government officials. Understanding what may have led to such disparities enables us to point out possible problems and do our part in fixing them and reversing their effects.

Explain how assessment practice can impact individuals’ lives

Assessment practices provide feedback to help individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to learn more about themselves. They also provide data that views an individual’s mental, physical, social, academic, or occupational strengths that may be assessed by certain tools.

The way assessment can impact someone’s life depends on the type of assessment used and how it is conducted. For example, when using different evaluations such as informal ones such as any kind of self-assessment one person does oneself to assess competence related to feeling embarrassed for not meeting a goal they set for themselves or whether they feel successful in reaching something major, formal assessments such as classroom evaluations where teachers look at students’ work and give them points on whether they did well in each subject area assessing fitness levels for physical activity using the Cooper fitness test, or standardized tests given in schools which are used to assess students’ knowledge on certain subjects.

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LO2: Be able to work in partnership with an individual and others to facilitate the person-centered assessment process

When assessing individuals, there are some important partners to work with. A key partner is a person whom you will be assessing. It is crucial that this person feel comfortable with the process and trusts you as their assessor. Your role is to assist them in becoming more self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses by using any number of assessment tools. This includes the use of tests, interviews, questionnaires, or simply having them fill out a daily log where they put down anything notable that happened to them after reading your questions scheduled for each day. Allowing people to express themselves through writing can also help in assessing what is going on in their life and how they are dealing with these situations.

Another important partner is the person’s family. Family members may express different opinions about what they see, and it can be helpful to understand these points of view–especially if you are working with an adolescent. Family may also have some valuable insight into how the client is handling certain scenarios in their life, including any challenges they face.

Agree with an individual and others on the purpose of the assessment

The purpose of an assessment is to determine a student’s skill level in a subject, and what they need help with. This allows for a more individualized educational experience that can account for the specific skill levels. Some students might need extra help from tutors one day, while others might progress at their own pace and not feel as if they’ve missed out on anything important. Every student is different, which means that every student is assessed differently. For instance, some kids will be evaluated against their grade-level peers while others are given tests with questions reflecting those of experts who have been working in the field for many years. The goal of assessments was never to put children into boxes or label them as smart or dumb- it was to figure out what kids needed the most help on.

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Agree with an individual and others the intended outcomes of the assessment

The assessment can be considered valid if it leads to an appropriate diagnosis of the client’s limitations and appropriate intervention strategies that maximize recovery of function.

The validity of an assessment can be generalized into three parts: precision, sensitivity, and specificity. These different components explore the accuracy in how a test or instrument classifies individuals into certain categories based on their ability level. In order for an assessment to accurately assess a person’s limitations without misclassifying them as better-abled when they are not is generally accurate in both sensitivity and specificity is very sensitive but less specific whereas highly specific but not overly sensitive because it means there will be few false negatives (but may result in false positives).

Agree with an individual and others on how the assessment should be carried out and who else should be involved

The assessment itself can be conducted in any number of ways. Some assessments involve nothing more than a few questions and an interview as the person goes about their daily activities, while others might require certain tests or questionnaires to be filled out. The most important thing is that the assessor and the assessed are comfortable with the assessment process and feel as if they understand what is expected of them.

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Ensure that an individual is supported to carry out the self-assessment process

A self-assessment is an individual’s opinion on what they are good at and what they need help with. This can be done in any number of ways, but should always involve the person’s honest opinion about themselves. Some people might do very well at identifying their strengths and weaknesses whereas others will need more support than normal to get through this process. A person’s family can also offer some valuable insight into their strengths and weaknesses, as well!

Ensure that if the outcome of an individual’s self-assessment is not what they wanted to hear (that they need help), that the person is supported through this process. It is important for them to know that everyone needs help at some point in life, and to not be afraid of asking for it when you need it!

LO3: Be able to carry out a person-centered assessment that promotes social, emotional, cultural, spiritual, and intellectual wellbeing

The assessment must be carried out in a culturally competent manner that takes into consideration social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual wellbeing. The person being assessed should have the opportunity to speak about their current circumstances and challenges, potential opportunities in life, their strengths, how they work best in different situations, future goals/aspirations, etc.

It is essential to take into consideration several other factors as well, such as:

  • Gender Social status Cultural background/religion Ethnicity Physical disability Mental health issues Gender identity Sexual orientation Religion Income level.
  • There are a plethora of resources available that can help bring further insight into how a person’s cultural and personal beliefs might impact their understandings of certain skills and issues.

Analyze the interrelationship between factors that support an individual’s wellbeing

It is important to look at factors that influence well-being in order to gain insight into how different people will learn and what they might need in order to increase their independence. These factors could include, but are not limited to:

  1. Cognitive abilities (how much information someone can retain after learning it)
  2. Social functioning (how well an individual manages their interactions with others)
  3. Emotional wellbeing (understanding and managing one’s emotions)
  4. Mobility (how well a person can move around independently)
  5. Sensory abilities (ability to use all five senses, including sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell).
  6. Physical health status (and any medications the person may be taking)
  7. Mental health status (and any medications the person might be taking for mental illnesses)
  8. Family dynamics (including members that are living/not living in the same area)
  9. Financial situation (ability to afford basic needs, such as food and shelter).

The interrelationship between these factors will determine how an individual will learn and what they might need in order to increase their independence. This is especially true if someone has a diagnosable mental illness because it can affect how well the person retains information or understands different emotions/situations.

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Take account of the strengths and aspirations of an individual in the assessment

The strengths and aspirations of an individual must be taken into account throughout the self-assessment process. This can help to bring attention to specific things that would benefit from more support, as well as areas that might not need any additional resources.

For example, if a person is very knowledgeable on how to care for various types of fish but they are unable to read, there are some options that could be beneficial.

If the individual is more comfortable speaking in languages other than English, then it may be helpful for them to have written instructions that they can take home with them while they practice the tasks at their own pace. If not, perhaps an interpreter would work well.

Work with an individual and others to assess requirements to support wellbeing:

  1. Social – The need for friendship, companionship, love and support from others
  2. Emotional – Feeling of contentment with life and happiness
  3. Cultural – Sense of belonging to a group or community defined through shared values, traditions, and heritage
  4. Spiritual – Living in harmony with oneself, nature, and the universe
  5. Intellectual – Desire and opportunity to learn and expand knowledge and skills
  6. Economic – Ability to maintain a basic standard of living

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Record the assessment in an agreed format according to organizational policies and procedures

Ensure that all relevant individuals are involved in the assessment process. This includes documenting the involvement of relatives, caregivers, friends, and other significant people.

The actual written document can be as elaborate as necessary to sufficiently explain why a person needs additional supports as well as how those will be implemented. In order to ensure that everyone is on the same page, it is best to use an agreed format for all documentation.

Part of this process may explain that a person is not able to work with certain individuals, such as caregivers or staff. Therefore, any social planning must also include who might be more appropriate in order to support the individual’s needs and preferences.

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