2.3 Evaluate principles of inclusive practice

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 4: Equality and diversity in health, social care, or children’s and young people’s settings

LO2: Understand how inclusive practice supports equality and diversity

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2.3 Evaluate principles of inclusive practice

Inclusive practice is a way to promote and support the participation of all individuals regardless if they have differences. Participants can explore ideas without fear, whether it’s how someone looks or what gender identity feels like; everyone deserves this opportunity.

The principles of inclusive practice guide our behavior and attitudes towards others, it is about ensuring people feel included and valued for who they are.

The principles of inclusive practice:

  • Enabling people to be active participants in their own lives: People should feel able to take an active role and make choices about how they live their life, with this freedom of choice we must ensure that there are no barriers that prevent this from happening.
  • Promoting the right of all individuals to take part in society: In this day and age, it is understood that everyone should have equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, age, or any other form of diversity.
  • Respecting cultural values, beliefs, and individual needs: Being culturally competent in health care settings aims to respect the cultures and traditions of individuals, for example; it may be a tradition for families to not know about a person’s illness & this should be respected.
  • Ensuring that all are able to benefit from the full range of opportunities available: Everyone should feel like they can take part in activities that improve their health; even if they do need extra support.
  • Offering support to those who may need it: People should never be excluded due to their individual needs – whether this may be physical, emotional, or learning disabilities.

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Some key points to consider when applying the principles of inclusive practice:

  1. Think about what makes you feel excluded or included in society?
  2. How can we as professionals contribute towards reducing these barriers? Examples could be avoiding sexist language, not talking over women during conversations, making assumptions based on race such as assuming someone with a foreign accent would only speak another language, assuming someone is heterosexual. Valuing diversity just means valuing all differences that exist between individuals and groups of people, it’s about celebrating the differences between people.
  3. Think about your own beliefs and consider where they come from? Why do you feel this way? Sometimes it might be possible to change these if they are based on misinformation or prejudice?
  4. Reflect on the types of assumptions you make when talking to other people in work settings; what kind of assumptions do you make based on age, gender, or religious beliefs? How can we challenge ourselves to not be judgemental?
  5. Think about how different groups of people experience powerlessness in society. For example, homeless people can sometimes feel powerless in society, or women can face barriers that men don’t experience.
  6. Think about the different groups of people who could be marginalized and excluded from your local community. How can we work to include everyone?
  7. The cost of including others: times it is more expensive and time-consuming to accommodate others and build relationships with those communities; think about how you would feel if you were expected to do this as well as carry out your everyday duties.
  8. When you make changes for one group of people, like ensuring a room has gender-neutral toilets, does this mean other inequalities such as race are less important? How do we ensure we don’t put emphasis on one over the other?

Continuing to embrace inclusive practice is a journey that will be unique to each organization and the people who work in it. We must not be complacent about equality, but continue to challenge ourselves to think more broadly when considering what makes an environment truly inclusive.

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