2.2 Analyse how inclusive practice respects the individual’s beliefs, culture, values, preferences, and life experience

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 4: Equality and diversity in health, social care, or children’s and young people’s settings

LO2: Understand how inclusive practice supports equality and diversity

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2.2 Analyse how inclusive practice respects the individual’s beliefs, culture, values, preferences, and life experience

Inclusive practice respects the individual’s beliefs, culture, values preferences, and life experience. It is about respecting each person as an individual and respecting their rights as human beings. All over the world, there are many people who use services that come from all cultures and groups, this means we must take into account everyone’s needs. To do this we must look at people’s equality and diversity characteristics, which may include the following:

  • Beliefs – things that influence or affect us in life. Example: religion, beliefs about health, and illness.
  • Culture – lifestyle shared by the members of a group. Example: values, behaviors, norms, and traditions.
  • Sexual orientation – sexual preference towards another person/people
  • Gender – what sex a person is e.g. male or female
  • Disability – a condition that makes it difficult to do everyday things such as walk without pain or see without glasses. This can be physical or mental e.g. Autism
  • Language – the language they speak e.g English, Chinese, etc. At home, they may speak a different language.
  • Age – How old a person is e.g. young, middle-aged, or older
  • Socio-economic group – the amount of money they have to use for resources such as food, transport, etc. If someone has been born into poverty then this will affect their life chances and opportunities compared to someone who was born into a higher socio-economic group or class.
  • Ethnicity or community Group – Someone from certain race/culture may be called by a specific name e.g Black British, White American, etc. This means that even if they are born in another country but find themselves within a different culture, therefore, having a different name and not their birth name it is still important to respect who they are.

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To answer how inclusive practice respects an individual’s beliefs, culture, values preferences, and life experience you need to look at each characteristic individually as it is not just one thing that makes an individual but many things. For example, if someone has anxiety they may feel more anxious in a large area with many people around e.g shopping center or busy street this means they have fears of being judged by others so inclusive practice would be to acknowledge their fears and help them through them or remove the situation altogether i.e assist with transport for them to get to the shop/street/place etc…

If someone was White British you would treat them differently than someone Black British because there are stereotypes associated with certain groups which can lead people to treat someone differently with certain judgments. For example, when the police pull over black British people they may be judged as more likely to carry a weapon or cause trouble than if it was with white British people, this is due to stereotypes that are associated in society towards Black British people.

If someone has no arms you would treat them differently than someone who can use their hands, in some situations however this could be very dangerous for the individual e.g self-care i.e washing and dressing because they cannot dress without help if their disability means they cannot move one of their limbs fully so.

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