1.5 Explain the attitudes that may lead to discriminatory behaviour

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 4: Equality and diversity in health, social care, or children’s and young people’s settings

LO1: Understand equality, diversity, and inclusion

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1.5 Explain the attitudes that may lead to discriminatory behaviour

Discriminatory behavior is an act of an individual or group towards another one, based on different criteria that are not relevant to the issue at hand. This may be because of one’s race, culture, religion or any other factor. This is seen more often in individuals who are unaware of current events around them and do not have enough knowledge about the other person’s culture. When this is the case, they may behave in a discriminatory way based on their stereotypes and generalizations without really knowing or asking what the other person is like as a human being. This could be seen as a lack of empathy from both sides.

People may discriminate for many different reasons, including the following:

1. Prejudice , which is an unjustified, negative attitude toward members of a group. It may develop into full-blown hatred only when combined with social power over those who are discriminated against.

2. Stereotype , which is an oversimplified opinion or judgment of a group. Although stereotypes may not be negative, they can lead to discriminatory acts because people expect members of particular groups to possess certain characteristics.

3. Overgeneralization , which is an incorrect generalization about a particular group based on the wrongful attribution of common traits to all its members.

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4. Scapegoat theory , which holds that prejudice and discrimination are justified by blaming members of an out-group for the real or imagined misdemeanours of other, unrelated individuals or groups. Scapegoat theory is closely related to social dominance theory , which holds that prejudice and discrimination are both learned and justified in order to maintain power disparities between different social groups.

5. Egoism , which involves viewing discrimination as a means to achieve one’s own personal goals. For instance, managers who vent their frustration on subordinates or harass co-workers may feel justified because doing so serves the managers’ self-interest by allowing them to avoid dealing with problems in other aspects of their lives.

6. Authoritarianism , which involves holding prejudiced and discriminatory views toward racial and ethnic minorities, as well as those who hold progressive attitudes.

7. Relative deprivation , which is a perception that one’s own group is not receiving its fair share of advantages, that other groups are receiving more than their fair share, or both. This feeling can lead to prejudice and discriminatory behaviours toward the over-benefitted group(s).

In order to change such attitudes, it would be important to teach empathy in schools and to encourage people to get to know others so they can understand them better. Discriminatory behavior that results from the stereotypes used by the media to portray certain members of certain groups should be stopped.

Education about prejudice, stereotyping, overgeneralization, scapegoating, egoism, authoritarianism, relative deprivation and other factors that could lead to discriminatory behavior should be provided so people can understand why they discriminate and how to prevent it.

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