5.2 Work with others to review and prioritise own learning needs, professional interests, and development opportunities

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 3: Personal development in health, social care, or children’s and young people’s settings

LO5: Be able to agree a personal development plan

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5.2 Work with others to review and prioritise own learning needs, professional interests, and development opportunities.

In order to be successful at work and stay relevant, it is important that you review your own learning needs with a mentor or coach. You should also keep an eye out for professional interests and development opportunities in order to set goals appropriate for yourself as well as the company’s culture

A person’s ability to achieve success depends largely on how much effort he/she puts into self-improvement. Reviewing one’s priorities can help them figure out what areas need more attention so they don’t feel overwhelmed by everything else going on around them In addition, reviewing these details will allow individuals maintain their sense of balance between personal time versus distractions from outside forces.

By reviewing your own needs, you will be able to provide a fair share of time and attention to family, friends, health, etc. This is because you won’t get too caught up in what’s going on at work that can affect one’s personal life.

  • Participate as a collaborative member of the business and/or research community.
  • Contribute to the development and delivery of local, regional, and/or international programs or projects through working with others in an appropriate manner.
  • Communicate effectively using appropriate interpersonal skills and behaviors (verbal and non-verbal).
  • Communicate ideas and information clearly, effectively, and professionally.
  • Create a professional environment that promotes collaboration, encourages the sharing of knowledge and information, and supports innovation.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to take risks, be open-minded, be flexible, learn from mistakes and errors, make informed choices and decisions where appropriate.
  • Knowledge of current research approaches, methods, and standards in one’s area of expertise.
  • Understand the importance of and value of evidence-based approaches to decision making.
  • Work with diverse populations, including people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Manage time effectively by prioritizing workload and meeting deadlines.
  • Prioritize own learning needs over others’ demands for information/assistance requiring a commitment to personal development.
  • Show respect for other’s ideas and opinions, finding constructive ways to resolve conflict or disagreement with others in a timely manner.
  • Demonstrate ability to adapt own style of working depending on the context, the task at hand, culture of the organization, etc.
  • Work collaboratively within one’s area of expertise as appropriate across stakeholders/groups (i.e., external collaborators, supervisors/teachers, peers, etc.).
  • And last but not least: Manage change by adapting to new situations and identifying opportunities for positive impact.

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Choosing what you would like to learn next can be a difficult task since it requires that you reflect on both your professional interests as well as your development opportunities; however, doing this systematically then will become easier over time. Listed below are some things to help with deciding what you want to learn next:

  1. Review your learning needs and professional interests from previous years
  2. Consider what you have learned recently using formal training, on the job learning, short courses, or certifications
  3. Think about what you would like to learn from a particular area of study such as marketing, human resources management, etc., and try to find examples of how this might help with your career
  4. It may also be worth considering what opportunities there are for getting involved in projects and initiatives that might develop new skills (e.g. leading a project)
  5. Think about what is currently happening at work; while it is important to challenge yourself then it is also important that you do things that will be recognized by others (e.g. getting involved in something and helping to drive it forward)
  6. Think about what you want to learn for your own personal fulfillment; this will help motivate yourself as well as keep things interesting since without passion then you cannot continue learning
  7. Try to find something that works with your other commitments such as family life (e.g. joining an online course or short course at night after kids go to bed), and timeline constraints (e.g. finding the right training provider).

While there is no “one best way” to plan for learning, listed below are some useful questions and tips:

  • What does mean? (this could be a long-term goal or a specific project that you need to start)
  • What are the benefits of learning this? (positive outcomes for your career, training requirements, etc.)
  • What is required? (e.g. commitment of time and money)
  • How will I know when I’ve achieved it? (e.g. what skills do you want to develop?)
  • What support do I need? (e.g. access to resources, organizing the right people to work with, etc.)
  • How will I achieve success? (this could include any short term milestones)

Sometimes you’ll get your personal development needs to be met during supervision with the manager. You can also work together on developing yourself by creating a plan, which will come in handy later down the road when it comes time for promotion or other opportunities that might arise where self-improvement would be beneficial to have an edge over others who are vying just as hard!

Learning is a voracious beast and like any other appetite, it needs to be quenched. By understanding your own learning style, you can better identify which resources will satisfy that need in order for progress on future goals – such as finding new skills or fulfilling specific job responsibilities-to keep moving smoothly toward satisfaction without too much difficulty.

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