3.2 Use feedback to evaluate own performance and inform development

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 3: Personal development in health, social care, or children’s and young people’s settings

LO3: Be able to evaluate own performance

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Use feedback to evaluate own performance and inform development

The feedback you provide to evaluate your own performance can be invaluable in helping inform future development. It should be conducted through a framework of three questions:

  • Who? – who gave the feedback and is it coming from an unbiased source with no agenda or hidden motivations?
  • When? – when was the feedback given, allowing for enough time to have passed that the person will have put what they learned into action.
  • What? – what exactly did the person say they learned, and ask what specifically was the evidence that led them to their conclusions.

For example: A feedback conversation might begin with an evaluator saying “I see you’re struggling with time management” without providing any supporting information or elaboration. However, if asked for details like who said it (a supervisor), what exactly was said (you’re tardy for meetings, you spend too much time on social media) and when it happened (during a meeting yesterday morning), the feedback can be linked back to actual events rather than just an unsupportable opinion.

On the flip side, feedback can also be helpful in reinforcing learning. For example, if after working with a project team you received feedback that they perceive your communication style is brusque or too direct, it could help to ask them when and why they draw this conclusion. If it is during meetings where you are providing instructions or guidance, asking the team to provide examples of what you are saying that may be perceived as brusque can help inform your own self-evaluation. Understanding the feedback dynamic in this way will allow for better connections in future learning conversations.

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Use positive reinforcement to motivate commitment and support development

When providing feedback, it is important to remember that you are not always trying to reach people who are struggling or engender change; sometimes you will be working with individuals who are doing things right and need encouragement.

People like to feel needed and appreciated, which is why positive reinforcement can go a long way toward eliciting higher performance over time. This can be done in many different ways, such as through praise and recognition programs.

Also note that the best reinforcement is that which is immediate and unambiguous. If someone knows they performed better than usual but did not receive any positive feedback, they will feel unappreciated and ultimately unmotivated to maintain or even improve their level of performance.

Collaborate with other managers to share knowledge and experience

Providing feedback is a collaborative effort, as the evaluator should ideally be receiving input from others he or she has established relationships with. The more people who are involved in the conversation, the richer and more contextualized your understanding of the situation will become.

Take time at the end of each conversation

When conducting evaluations, remember that you are providing an incredible service by helping someone identify their own strengths and areas for development. Remembering this will help you appreciate how difficult it can be to learn new things and should help you be more patient with the person you are working with.

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