1.3 Describe Ways To Ensure That Personal Attitudes Or Beliefs Do Not Obstruct The Quality Of Work

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 3: Personal development in health, social care, or children’s and young people’s settings

LO1: Understand what is required for competence in own work role

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1.3 Describe Ways To Ensure That Personal Attitudes Or Beliefs Do Not Obstruct The Quality Of Work Life

Personal attitudes and beliefs can either obstruct or enhance the quality of work. One’s personal attitude is what they think about themselves, while their belief system consists all sorts of things such as religion which teaches them how to behave in certain situations with others around you- these play a big role when it comes down deciding whether an obstruction will happen on one side versus another.

There are many ways an individual can keep their personal attitudes or beliefs from obstructing the quality of work life. This is done by ensuring that your attitude will not interfere with other people’s attitudes in any way. For example, some managers and/or supervisors may have a negative outlook on employees while others may be more optimistic about them. If this works against one another, it can cause a lot of friction and make completing the task at hand difficult.

In order to avoid this from happening, the individual needs to ensure their attitude aligns with those of their superiors- meaning if they have negative attitudes then that is what you need to encounter as well. If someone believes that they are smarter or more capable than the rest of the people they work with, this can interfere with their quality of work life. This is because they may have a more high-stress job where in order to complete it they need to work together in teams or groups.

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Following are some ways by which personal attitudes does not obstruct the quality of work-life

  1. Recognize that personal attitudes can obstruct the quality of work-life and be aware of your own attitude.
  2. Listen to others, especially those who report to you, with an open mind and consider their suggestions objectively.
  3. Be sensitive to the emotions of others and do not allow your personal feelings to interfere with their work performance or motivation.
  4. Cooperate with others in the pursuit of common goals and objectives. Do not pursue your own agenda at the expense of the team or organization’s goal(s).
  5. Ask yourself whether any part of your negative attitude is a result of unrealistic expectations or demands you place on yourself or on others? Are you perfectionistic? Learn to be content with “good enough.
  6. Don’t let your personal feelings or opinions prevent you from opening yourself up to new understandings and perspectives.
  7. Keep an open mind, especially when dealing with people who are different than you; their experience may be quite valuable in helping you achieve your goals.
  8. Jointly problem solve with others instead of trying to find someone else to blame for obstacles along the way.
  9. Recognize times when your negative attitude is having a destructive effect on others and take responsibility for changing it! Be accountable at work by completing projects or tasks on time, being honest about mistakes, showing up on time, etc.

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