3.4 Monitor the individual’s responses during and after the interaction to check the effectiveness of communication

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 2: Advanced Communication Skills

LO3: Be able to interact with individuals

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3.4 Monitor the individual’s responses during and after the interaction to check the effectiveness of communication

It is important to check the effectiveness of your communication with others. Whether it be individuals you support, co-workers, or other professionals; effective messages are key for success in any situation!

During your interactions, you should always check the effectiveness of your communication. This can be done by observing their body language or checking for understanding to see if they received what you were saying.

After interacting with someone, it is important to reflect on how effective our messages were. We can do this by considering whether we achieved what we wanted to achieve through the interaction and if not why this might have been. When communicating effectively, everyone will feel satisfied with the outcome of the situation. Appropriate praise/praise is a great way to reflect on interaction in a positive manner. It is also vital when working with individuals who require additional support when communicating that we monitor their responses during and after interactions too. For example, do they look distressed? Eager to take a break? Are they listening and understanding what we have said?

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Observe the individual’s responses to determine the effectiveness of communication

People communicate in different ways. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes not so much! When considering their body language/facial expressions etc., you may find that some individuals are difficult to read or may appear unresponsive. Paying attention to the individual’s responses during the interaction will help determine if anything needs to be repeated or rephrased to make your communication more effective. For example, if the person looks confused or does not seem to understand what you are saying, it would be beneficial to check for understanding by asking whether they have understood what you said and restating your message using different words or phrases.

  • Body language is one way to observe the individual’s responses. One should pay attention to facial expressions, eye gaze, body posture, and gestures.
  • Facial expression can include signs of pleasure or displeasure, sadness or happiness, etc.
  • Eye gaze being where the focus of vision is at any time will show interest in what others are saying i.e. on the speaker, on objects in the room, or looking somewhere else.
  • Body posture can include actions such as sitting up straight all of the time or having an open body position (legs apart and arms unfolded). Posture is not always intentional however it can show whether someone is relaxed or tense during the conversation. Gestures are any movements made by parts of the body to communicate non-verbally this includes fidgeting, gestures, etc.
  • Be aware of any changes in volume – if they start yelling at you, it might mean that they don’t like what you’re saying.
  • Lastly, think about whether this person would be comfortable talking about what is bothering them with someone else – this can lead to an understanding of where there may be a disconnect between two people who want different things from each other.

We can also consider how an individual is feeling after the interaction has finished. Reflect on yourself – how frustrated do you get if someone doesn’t understand a task? Consider how this frustration may affect the individual – perhaps making them feel stressed, anxious, or less confident – offering reassurance that everything will be ok can help calm them down and ensure they feel safe as some individuals who struggle with communication may have additional needs such as sensory integration requirements so being sensitive to these issues is crucial.

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