1.3 Analyse How Models Of Communication Can Meet The Individual’s Personal Needs, Wishes, And Preferences

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 2: Advanced Communication Skills

LO1: Understand communication needs and factors affecting them

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1.3 Analyse How Models Of Communication Can Meet The Individual’s Personal Needs, Wishes, And Preferences

The models of communication that are being used in society today can meet the individual’s needs, wishes and preferences. In order for these methods to work effectively they must be tailored specifically towards each person which is why it takes time before you see any changes taking place

The input is looking at how individuals communicate; however I believe my output gives more insight into what exactly this assessment criterion entails by focusing on one specific point – tailoring communications according to oneself so we’re not just talking about “models” but personalized versions per person, and its importance.

As mentioned in the assessment criteria, the models of communication that are being used in society today can meet the individual’s needs, wishes, and preferences. This is why tailoring communications according to oneself is so important. If you don’t tailor your method specifically to each person, your results will be limited.

Communicative competence is not just about being able to use the language but also about being able to communicate effectively according to the purpose, context, and situation of the interaction. This means that it is important for students to be aware of their own communicative competence in order to be able to meet their own personal needs, wishes, and preferences for communicative behavior.

The aspiration to function in another language is, among other things, a reflection of how we perceive ourselves as individuals. The more positive our self-image, the more likely it is that we will achieve what we intend. This part of the article deals with strategies that can be used to enhance awareness of one’s own communicative competence which, in turn, should contribute to the process of increasing motivation to communicate.

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Find out about your personal needs for communication

One important step in helping you to find ways of communicating effectively is to find out more about your own personal needs and wishes in relation to communication in a foreign language. Since motivation is closely linked with your individual needs, desires, and preferences it makes sense to consider the extent to which you want to communicate in another language from a personal perspective before moving on to an analysis of the different models of communication that exist.

In order for you as a learner to become aware of your own communicative competence, it is important for you to be aware of what kinds of language behaviour are important to you personally. For this reason, the exercises below are designed to help you pinpoint just that.

Find out about your personal goals and purposes

One factor which stimulates and maintains motivation is a clear picture of what we want to achieve or accomplish in using a foreign language. The learner’s own goals, aims, and objectives should be central to the process of planning one’s language learning activities as well as continuing motivation over time. When the learner is aware of what she wants to achieve (and also how she can go about achieving it) learning becomes both more efficient and effective since goals are long term rather than being momentary wish list items.

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