4.4 Evaluate procedures for working with others

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 1: Work In Partnership In Health And Social Care Or Children And Young People’s Settings

LO4: Be able to work in partnership with others

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The best way to succeed in a team environment is by being positive and skilled at handling others’ needs. The person who manages themselves well can work more effectively than one with limited coping skills or no experience working together as part of an organized unit under designated leadership responsibility, which will lead them towards success on this assessment criterion! It is easy to be a “Yes” person, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way for you to succeed. You need to consider what you are giving up or compromising when you’re saying yes all of the time. When having tough conversations with others, I firmly believe that there are better ways to approach them instead of just saying no.

Many situations in life require you to work with others. You may take part in volunteer organizations, community projects, or sports teams. When working within a team, the dynamics are very different from when working alone. Working in partnership is about maximizing everyone’s contribution and guaranteeing equality for all members of the team. Effective collaboration results in improved decision-making and more creative solutions. When it comes to working in a team, you must:

  • communicate effectively and respect confidentiality;
  • be aware of your own and others’ strengths and limitations;
  • build trust, show fairness, and remain open-minded;
  • make appropriate use of delegation;
  • project positive body language.

You need to work as a team player, not a disruptive force. Being part of the team means being committed to working with others and following group rules. If there are no ground rules for how you will work together, you need to establish some guidelines before starting to work on any project or activity.

Steps for effective teamwork:

  • Decide what needs to be done and who will do what.
  • Get everyone’s input on task planning.
  • Keep the lines of communication open
  • Decide how problems should be solved.
  • Ensure all team members participate in decision making, otherwise, there can be a lack of commitment or buy-in from others who aren’t involved.
  • Consider different viewpoints, try not to become inflexible in your convictions.

Different groups have different ways of doing things and it may take time getting used to the new routines, but if you step back and think about what will give the best result – that’s when great things happen!

There are situations where good teamwork is essential, whether it’s giving first aid or tackling the challenge of a problem at home. By working together, there is less chance of injury and you will solve problems more quickly than trying to do it alone.

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Note the following areas of the criteria as part of your evidence:

  • Working with others, including leading a team and developing people. A team is a group of working individuals who form a functional unit within an organization or are assigned to accomplish a task or set of tasks that have been delegated to them by their supervisor(s).
  • Procedures for managing conflict. Conflicts can be healthy or unhealthy. A healthy conflict should ‘allow differences to be expressed without attacking other people.’ Whether one has experienced any form of trauma within an abusive relationship or not, it is essential to recognize that there are always two sides to every story and that both parties have genuine motivations for their actions. Healthy conflict allows one to learn different viewpoints, develop new ideas and creativity, appreciate diversity and respond effectively when required. Unhealthy conflict often comes from insecurity, a lack of trust, and an inability to express oneself.
  • Procedures for mediating conflict. A mediator is a person, or group of people, who facilitate communication between two or more individuals. Conflict resolution requires understanding the nature of the conflict, as well as listening to both sides without judgment. It is important to remember that conflict cannot always be resolved but can normally be managed so everyone feels valued and respected.

It’s important that all evaluation data is recorded according to agreed protocols. This could include a stakeholder being tasked with creating one report, which they distribute among other parties, or the raw information accessible via a shared spreadsheet on any computer system (a common occurrence).

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