4.1 Analyse the importance of working in partnership with others

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 1: Work In Partnership In Health And Social Care Or Children And Young People’s Settings

LO4: Be able to work in partnership with others

Working in teams and working closely with others to see that each individual’s needs are met, is one of the most important things you can do. It’s impossible for a single person to perform all tasks related to care, not only because of expertise or experience but also time considerations mean that some require more than one individual to execute safely; other specialty training qualifications will be necessary depending on what they need specifically – it can’t just happen by chance alone!

Without working closely with others, tasks would not be executed as efficiently. For example, a nurse may prescribe an anesthetic for a patient to have a tooth removed at the dentist’s surgery and there will be no other member of staff present so the anesthetist is the only person with whom the nurse can communicate during this procedure. In this situation, the anesthetist will need to be able to understand what is happening with the patient and will need to know about the medication that has been prescribed; this information needs to be communicated quickly and effectively. It’s also important that they get the word back from the dentist that all went well!

The following are some examples of where you might find that working in partnership with others is important:

  • Working alongside care assistants and support workers to deliver planned care and health services.
  • Supporting a junior doctor during surgical procedures.
  • Safeguarding children, young people, and vulnerable adults by carrying out risk assessments and having conversations with other professionals such as the police, social workers, or teachers about potential child protection issues.

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Working in partnership with others is important because poor communication between staff can have serious consequences for the patient’s health and safety as well as the overall quality of care. It can lead to situations where patients receive inadequate care and treatment; it could be missed information such as medication history, an allergy, a diagnosis, or other relevant facts that could affect them immediately.

When working as part of a team, effective interpersonal skills are essential; you need to be able to communicate clearly and follow agreed protocols and procedures. You will also need to be able to work collaboratively with each member of your team and compromise when necessary. By compromising you will be able to make a decision together which is beneficial to all parties involved. The following are just some of the reasons you might find that working in partnership with others proves to be advantageous:

  • You will not only gain protection from litigation, but you could also potentially save someone else’s life if something goes wrong.
  • Greater knowledge and expertise can improve the quality of care and health services – it’s important for professionals to take input from other team members so as to maintain optimal outcomes.
  • You will socially progress- mutual respect and trust are required in order for relationships between colleagues to flourish. If people trust each other, they will work better together and this is likely to benefit the patient (Pearson et al., 2012).

Working in partnership with others is important. You will not be able to do everything on your own and you may need additional support so it’s important to communicate effectively. It requires trust, good rapport, and effective interpersonal skills; if you are unable to build relationships with other people then your work will suffer as a result.

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