3.5 Deal constructively with any conflict that may arise with other professionals

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 1: Work In Partnership In Health And Social Care Or Children And Young People’s Settings

LO3: Be able to establish and maintain working relationships with other professionals

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The ability to work well with others is one of the most important qualities in any professional. In this assessment criterion, you will be required demonstrate your skills by managing conflicts or dilemmas that occur when working alongside other people. To do so successfully would mean being able not only recognize them but also resolve them quickly and diplomatically without resorting too often violence verbal abuse among co-workers which could jeopardize project success. To manage conflicts and dilemmas that occur with other professionals, you should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • You understand how conflict affects individuals on both sides of an issue or situation
  • You can predict what will happen if people carry out their argumentation plan according to its guidelines (ease-of follow)
  • It’s important for your team members to feel safe enough so they don’t bottle up any emotions like anger or resentment towards others involved in discussions outside work settings.

This means coming prepared before the meeting begins by making sure everyone acknowledges beforehand where lines just won’t take be crossed. You can achieve this by making sure all emotional terms, criticisms, or “you’re not worth a cent” remarks are left at the door.

Make any agreements everyone needs to stick to, so they don’t have to come back and readdress similar issues in future meetings. This includes taking note of what’s been recorded from what’s been said (transcription) and ensuring that everything’s properly documented, including date, time, and attendees.

When things get heated during an argument, it’s important to take a step back and think about all the facts at hand before jumping into action. This allows you to weigh up the pros vs cons of any situation where emotions might derail your judgment.

In this type of situation, it’s important you listen actively to what other people have to say and pick out the key points from their argumentation plan. You can do this by paraphrasing or repeating back what they say so you understand where they’re coming from better. This doesn’t mean you always agree (that’s not the point of listening after all) but it does mean you can better understand their thoughts and feelings.

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It’s also important to recognize and show appreciation for the ideas that might not fit with yours at first. This way, you don’t feel like you’re constantly working against each other instead of towards a common goal.

Remember that conflict doesn’t always mean negative criticism or hostility between people in an environment. In fact, it can be used to help your team members perform better by taking a look at issues from different points of view and understanding where they all make sense. It can create a shared vision about what needs improvement within their workplace and helps everyone know where they stand when it comes to its future development.

This means recognizing any fears or worries your colleague has about potential changes or ways you might use force them into action without being open to their ideas. It’s important not to let yourself become too close-minded when it comes to the progress of your workplace and what you think is best for its future development.

You can achieve this by taking a moment to get more clarity on how they’d like things done overall, even if this means replanning the solution in a different way based on their input. It’s all about offering guidance where needed and giving them responsibility so they feel like an equal member of the team instead of someone with little insight about how things should proceed at work.

This gives people in your team a chance to say what they wish you’d do for them without looking down on them or disregarding their thoughts as unimportant. It means creating an open line of communication between you and your team members, which in turn builds stronger relationships where everyone knows they can confide in one another when things get tough.

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