3.2 Develop procedures for effective working relationships with other professionals

Course: NVQ Level 4 Diploma In Health And Social Care (RQF)

Unit 1: Work In Partnership In Health And Social Care Or Children And Young People’s Settings

LO3: Be able to establish and maintain working relationships with other professionals

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Collaborating with other professionals is essential for effective working relationships. This could mean collaborating on joint initiatives or achieving positive outcomes for service users in your work environment – all while maintaining professionalism.

In this section, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate that when working with other professionals in a variety of settings, you can establish and maintain positive working relationships. These relationships could be the result of collaborative endeavors or achieving positive outcomes for service users in your work environment. In order to achieve this, you must demonstrate that you have the capability to maintain professionalism when working with other professionals at all times.

In order to achieve a successful outcome, it is important that you gain an understanding of what is required of you and acknowledge the time frame in which the assessment must be completed.

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  1. Identify an organization working with children or young people. You should select an organization that is not your place of work as you will not be familiar with those who work there; therefore, no bias can come into play. Once you have identified the organization, create a list of the staff members who work there and their job roles.
  2. Once you have identified your chosen organization, state how many people are employed there as per the list that you created in part one. In this section, you must include a minimum of 10 key points that highlight different elements of effective working relationships between employees from each profession. The following will be counted as being examples for this assessment criterion:
  • Positive communication is established between colleagues at all times
  • Effective collaboration between professionals
  • Acknowledgment towards the role of every person
  • Everyone has a positive attitude
  • Teamwork is encouraged to achieve optimal outcomes

For each example stated, you must explain why it contributes to effective professional relationships, with specific examples.

  1. Out of the 10 key points that you have identified, select two of them and explain how they contribute to an effective working relationship between employees from each profession. This could be by giving specific examples or highlighting certain elements that are considered helpful in achieving this outcome for service users.
  2. Equal importance must be placed on all parts of this assessment criterion in order to achieve a Pass grade. Please note that if you do not use all relevant areas within your work assignment – this will result in a Fail grade being awarded even if some areas are competent or better!

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