Prepare an oral presentation in which you analyze your employability skills in relation to your intended career or own business: Academic personal reflective report, UOE, UK

University University of Edinburgh(UoE)
Subject Academic personal reflective

Task description 

Task 1: Individual presentation

Prepare an oral presentation in which you analyze your employability skills in relation to your intended career or own business. Discuss the skills you already have and the skills you need to improve in order to be successful in the chosen field and demonstrate an understanding of that field by referring to published literature. You will need to prepare 5-10 PowerPoint slides to accompany your presentation.

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Further guidelines:

  • Make use of the tools you learned in class (e.g. SWOT analysis, time management tools, PDP) and apply them to your own situation.
  • Show an understanding of the world of work in the chosen sector by citing relevant articles or advice from recruitment agencies, job centers, etc.
  • Presentations will be held in week 9 during class time. If you are attending online, this will be done via Microsoft Teams, so you must make some that you have all the necessary equipment and technical setup to deliver your presentation on the scheduled date.
  • The PowerPoint slides will need to be uploaded to Turnitin/Moodle one working day before the date of the in-class presentations. Students who did not upload their slides before the deadline will not be allowed to present.

Task 2: Report 

Write an appropriately structured academic report where you reflect on your learning in this module, using a recognized model of reflection. Discuss four topics in your work: three chosen from the list below (if they were covered in class), showing you have understood them, and reflect on how useful they have been to you, taking into consideration what you already knew, what you learned in the sessions, and any learning you undertook outside of the classroom. Topic four must be public speaking and giving presentations, containing your personal reflection on the individual presentation you delivered in week 9.

You will need to briefly explain the chosen model of reflection and apply it to each topic. You will also need to analyze published literature relating to the specific topics you discuss and use the feedback you received from your lecturer, with detailed examples, on all in-class activities.

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