EGA366 Your task for this coursework is to code this process and simulate the robot using the Matlab scripts taught: Coursework-CW2, MATLAB Report, SU, UK

University Swansea University (SU)
Subject EGA366 MATLAB Report

The Brief
Your task for this coursework is to code this process and simulate the robot using the Matlab scripts taught to you during the PC labs (primarily those used in Tutorial 4 and Tutorial 5). This will involve planning a smooth trajectory between points A to C and following that trajectory by calculating the wheel velocities at each time step. A script has

also been given to help you select coordinates from the lab floor plan (given on the assignment Canvas page). You must then write a short report which explains the underlying theory of your code (the modelling and kinematics), and presents the results of your simulations. Your report could include headings like those given below:

Do You Need Assignment of This Question

• Motivation: What is the project brief, what are you trying to achieve with this report?

• Problem formulation: What is the problem, and how do you intend to solve it?

• System modelling: How is the robot simulated? What are the Kinematics that need to be modelled? How are trajectories planned?

• Programming: What are key parts of your code and how do they work?

• Results and analysis: What are the results of your simulations, were you able to simulate the robot successfully? Here you would try to show how you have simulated the process explained above.

• Conclusion and further works: What are your conclusions on your work? What would you do in future to improve the code further?

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