ACCM4300: You are required to prepare a business letter to answer key accounting issues in regard to an acquisition analysis: Financial Reporting Report, KBS, UK

University Kaplan Business School (KBS)
Subject Financial Reporting Report

Your Task
You are required to prepare a business letter to answer key accounting issues in regard to an acquisition analysis of a wholly-owned subsidiary and various inter-company transactions.

This is an individual assessment.
Assessment Description
Assume that you are a graduate accountant working for Finley Figg, a public accounting firm situated at 372 Docklands Drive, Melbourne, VIC 3008. The Manager of your firm, Ms. Kara Song has asked you to prepare a statement of advice in response to an email received from a client, Ms. Rana Carr, the Managing Director of Proton Motors Ltd, raising several accounting issues. Please refer to the email on the next page.
The maximum length for the body of the letter is 1,500 words. You should address all the technical issues and discussion in your advice, followed by a Reference List.
 Part A: Technical component 20% – This mark covers the technical content of your advice and the explanation of each of the issues, the calculations and journal entries (where applicable).
 Part B: Communication Skills 10% – This mark covers the generic skills of writing; layout, clear meaning, structure and organisation, appropriate tone and grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout the whole assignment. It also includes referencing.

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