Critically evaluate two external analysis models and choose one based on its merits and fit to USL’s business: Global Business Strategy Report, UOK, UK

University University of kent (UOK)
Subject Global Business Strategy

1) Critically evaluate two external analysis models and choose one based on its merits and fit to USL’s business. Use the selected model to conduct an external environment analysis of the UK, (or your country for international partners) to the social media and soft technology business and justify how the tool will enable the business to be successful in its international strategy (20%) (S00 – 550 words).

2) Draw on strategic management literature to critically examine three different internal analysis tools and choose the most suitable tool to analyze URL’s internal environment and justify whether it should engage a radical, emergent, or planned/deliberate strategic approach to respond to the nature of the social media sector (20%) (S00- SSO words).

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3) Drawing on strategic management literature, critically explore the opportunities and limitation of foreign direct investment (FDI) as entry mode for USL into the current UK (or your country for partners) social media and soft technology market 20% (S00 — 550 words).

4) Exploring United Nations 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and applying three P’s” theory requiring USL and other companies to
consider people, planet, and prosperity, argue out the business case or rationale for USL to contribute in at least one of 17 agenda options and to address triple bottom line goals in a sustainable and green manner when operating in UK (your country for international partners).

5) Introduction: You are requested to present an introduction in which you briefly state the task, provide clues to arguments, concepts and issues that will form the basis of your report and a clear structure stating the order in which the different themes will be organised.

6) Present a conclusion in which you succinctly remind the reader what the task was, evaluate how you have addressed it and reiterate key points from
each of the four main themes of the task. Exit with a question, reflection of learning from the module or task or signpost any for future work.

7) Academic discipline: critical insight, application, presentation, referencing, organisation, etc.

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