BMG862 CRN’s Conduct an environmental audit of the company and assess the company’s readiness: Business strategy Report, UOS, UK

University University of Southampton (UOS)
Subject Business strategy Report

Project 3 – Human resource management (HRM)

The specific aim of this project is for you (as ‘The Consultancy Firm’) to develop a Human resource management strategy and evaluate the opportunities that can help the company Gowling WLG UK.

  • Objective 1: To conduct a Market Analysis
  • Objective 2: To evaluate two potential new markets from an HR perspective
  • Objective 3:To develop a new HRM strategy
  • Objective 4: Evaluate the Implementation Plan and Cost Estimations

Suggested structure:

The emphasis is on secondary research and not academic sources. Use competitor reports, consultant reports articles and marketing reports.

Introduction – The aim of which is to provide some context, i.e. the scope of the project. This should not be more than one or two paragraphs and is intended only to provide a platform for the rest of the report.

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Objective 1- Market Analysis/Environmental Analysis

  1. Conduct an environmental audit of the company and assess the company’s readiness, from an HRM perspective to continue its international expansion. This should include the following:
  1. A review of Gowling WLG UK’s current position in the UK market.
  2. An audit of the skills and employment requirements that are relevant to the legal sector in the UK
  • A summary of the key strengths and weaknesses of Gowling WLG UK as a potential employer providing an analysis of their overall attractiveness as an employer. 

Objective 1 rationale

The students need to have an understanding of the company’s current position, their objectives and their overall approach to HRM-related themes

Objective 2- A comparison of 2 potential destinations for expansion and the  HRM-related  Challenges in specific markets

  1. Choosing 1 Asian and 1 country from Africa or The Middle East
  2. Compare and contrast the similarities and differences in the cultural identity of the 2 countries with specific relevance to HRM- related issues.
  3. Use a model of your choice to highlight potential problems that might occur with regard to specific HRM issues (recruitment, retention, training and development etc)

Models: Hall, Trompenaars, Hofstede- DO NOT APPLY ALL THREE- Maximum two

Objective 2 rationale

The students will provide a comparison of 2 different potential destination markets from an HRM perspective from the areas of declared high interest to Gowling WLG UK, i.e., Asia and Africa

Objective 3- A new Human Resource Strategy

  1. Develop a new HRM strategy for ONE COUNTRY ONLY to help the company recruit and effectively manage staff for potential expansion to either an Asian destination or an African or Middle Eastern one. Focus your analysis on the following:
  2. An analysis of the presence/availability and skill sets of potential legal specialists in the chosen country
  3. An analysis of the potential issues regarding the employment of new recruits to the legal sector in the chosen country. These can include:

Training& Development

Coaching & Mentoring

Performance Management & Appraisals

Talent Management

Recruitment & Retention

Analyse TWO from the above list

  • Summarize the key elements of the new HRM strategy from the analysis you have provided above

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