5CO02: Your company is planning its forthcoming annual development event and the topic that the people practice team: Evidence-based practice Report, UK


Your company is planning its forthcoming annual development event and the topic that the people practice team will be showcasing is evidence-based practice. In readiness for this event your manager has asked you to complete two tasks.

Task One – Report

Your first task is to write a report which provides the audience with an understanding of what evidence-based practice is and the strategies that can be taken for effective critical thinking and decision-making, you must ensure that you:

▪ Provide evaluation of the concept of evidence-based practice and assess how evidence-based practice approaches can be used to provide insight in supporting sound decision-making and judgments for people practitioners across a range of people practices and organisational issues. (AC 1.1)

▪ Provide evaluation of one appropriate analysis tool and one method that might be applied by organisations to recognise and diagnose current and future issues, challenges, and opportunities. (AC 1.2)

▪ Explain the main principles of critical thinking and describe how these might apply to individual and work colleagues’ ideas to assist objective and rationale debate. (AC 1.3)

▪ Explain a range of decision-making processes that can be applied to ensure that effective outcomes are achieved. (AC 1.4)

▪ Assess a range of different ethical theories and perspectives and explain how
understanding of these can be used to inform and influence moral decision-making. (AC 1.5)

▪ Appraise different ways and approaches organisations can take to measure financial and non-financial performance. (AC 3.1)

▪ Explain how people practices add value in an organisation and identify a range of methods that might be used to measure the impact of a range of people practices (AC 3.2)

Task Two – Quantitative and qualitative

analysis review

By way of exemplifying the importance of decision-making strategies and how these can be used by people practitioners to solve people practice issues, your manager wants you to illustrate to the audience how the people professional department interprets different types of data to inform sound decision making. Completion of these two activities will address the following:

▪ With reference to a people practice issue, interpret analytical data using appropriate analysis tools and methods. (AC 2.1)

▪ Present the findings for stakeholders from people practice activities and initiatives. (AC 2.2)

▪ Make justified recommendations based on evaluation of the benefits, risks and financial implications of potential solutions. (AC 2.3)

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