CIPD Level 5CO02 Assignment Example: Evidence-based Practice

Understanding and learning about evidence-based practices is essential for learners of the CIPD Level 5 people management course. The evidence-based practices involve the problem-solving approaches in the Human Resource and Learning & development that has a major influence on the decision making.

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The module focuses on the importance of qualitative and quantitative evidence to gain an understanding of the issues and measures to resolve them. The module starts from developing the understanding of the methods and concepts of evidence-based practices, followed by the role of critical thinking, ethical perspectives, benefits, and risks of improving people practice issues, and ended on measuring the impact and value of people practice on organizations.

The module focuses on evidence-based measures to make improvements in the decision-making and learning their impacts in creating value for a business.

Here, we will discuss some of the assignment examples or topics on the evidence-based practices module two of the Level 5 CIPD course. The mentioning examples of assignment topics can help you gain an understanding of the subject matters and gives you a choice to pick one topic and make it your own. Let’s discuss some learning outcome-based examples below.

CIPD Evidence-based Practice Assignment Activity 1: Develop an understanding of the concepts of evidence-based practice and the tools and methods that are applied to diagnose issues and opportunities.

  1. Discuss the concept and methods of evidence-based practices.

The learner of the Level 5 people management course has to understand the evidence-based practices taken by the HR department in order to take care of the issues that occurred in the organization. The definition, methods, and the whole concept of evidence-based practices can be discussed in the writing about this topic. Components of EBP, steps, and purpose of evidence-based practices can also be discussed by the students when answering this question.

  1. What are the methods to diagnose issues and opportunities?

In diagnosing the problems and opportunities, the learner needs to get aware of the tools and methods of problem-solving skills. The organization’s issues and opportunities can be identified by learning about the types of diagnosis, diagnostic models, approaches to business problem-solving techniques, or any kind of steps in understanding and improving the issues.

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CIPD level 5CO02 Assignment Activity 2: Explain the principles of critical thinking and assess how different ethical perspectives can influence decision-making.

  1. Discuss critical thinking with the help of principles and types.

The learners need to mention the principles of critical thinking and how it is different for every organization and employees. The types of critical thinking, how to develop critical thinking skills can also be answered in the question.

  1. What are Ethical perspectives in business?

The learners need to understand some common ethical perspectives in a company or organization to write about this question. There are few known views of ethics such as utilitarian, moral rights, commutative justice, and individualism which should be discussed while answering this question along with the theories and definition of each type of perspective in ethics.

Assignment Examples from third learning outcome of 5CO02: Evaluate the benefits, risks, and financial implications of solutions aimed at improving people practice issues.

  1. Discuss the benefits and risks of problem-solving in people practice.

The learner can provide an accurate answer to this question after have an understanding of problem-solving skills. Learners need to mention the importance of problem-solving skills and how they can help to improve decision-making in people practices. Once you discuss the advantages of problem-solving skills then you can approach the risks or disadvantages of problem-solving skills.

  1. What are the financial solutions for the improvement of people practice issues?

To get learning of financial solutions and issues by an organization, the learner of people management can give an answer to this question. When answering this question, learners have to remember the practices taken by HR to resolve financial services issues.

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Assignment Examples from Fourth learning outcome of 5CO02: Measure the impact and value people practice contributions make to organizations through the collection of key findings and scrutiny of key systems and data.

  1. How to measure the impact of people practice in an organization?

The learner has an understanding of the people practices to measure the impact of their employed practices in an organization. By measuring the effectiveness of the practices in Human resources, the organization usually evaluates the performance of an HR individual. Therefore, learning about the measurement of the impact of people practices should be a priority of a learner. Through the KPIs (Key performance of indicators) and analyzing the data based on the company performance, the impact of people practices can be measured.

  1. How does a value people practice contribute to an organization?

This question comes in the people management CIPD course at Level 5. The answer to this question can be written as the defining the HR valuation and then followed by the steps to determine the value of HR in an organization. The HR Metrics of different tiers can be discussed in this question as it is the way to know the value of an HR. Also, through Hr analytics, HR efficiency, determining employee engagement, and evaluation of HR managers can also be added in this question

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