4.3 Prioritize own development goals and targets

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 9: Managing Self

LO4: Undertake professional development

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4.3 Prioritize own development goals and targets

It is important to set professional development goals and targets for oneself in order to strive for continual improvement in one’s chosen field. By prioritizing these goals, it will be possible to focus on what is most important and achieve the desired level of success.

Some tips on how to achieve this include:

  • Finding a mentor or role model who can help guide and support your development;
  • Investigating different professional development opportunities such as conferences, online courses, and webinars;
  • Putting together a personal development plan that outlines specific areas you would like to improve on; and
  • Keep a record of your progress, noting down any achievements or milestones reached along the way.

An important way to achieve these development goals is by managing yourself. There are a wide variety different tips, tricks, and techniques out there to help you do this and you should research as many as possible that might be of use and interest to you in order to avoid missing out upon anything that might prove important or advantageous in the long run. Some ways someone can manage themselves include:

  • Building reserves and points of flexibility into your day-to-day schedule for unexpected tasks/events;
  • Make sure to leave at least 15 minutes free/discrete from distractions during the day to catch up on things, respond to emails, etc.;
  • Prioritizing tasks now rather than putting them off until later if they genuinely have higher importance (unlikely tasks don’t truly have importance) otherwise procrastination will ensue;
  • Identifying key strengths of yours (likes/interests, technical skills, people skills) and making use of them in your work;
  • Creating themes or “power words” with which to frame your actions during the day that are relevant and powerful to yourself;
  • Asking those around you for their input (because you’d like to ensure they understand what exactly you want/intend to do) when planning new strategies on roles/tasks;
  • Learning when and for how long it is appropriate for emails/messages not to be returned (which varies from person/company but becoming aware of these expectations can help a lot);
  • Showing understanding and patience of self-imposed deadlines in regards to your own self-development outside of the work environment.

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