2.1 Evaluating range, purpose, and situation for effective decision making

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 10: Decision Making in Adult Care

LO2: Carry out and reflect on effective decision making

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2.1 Evaluating range, purpose, and situation for effective decision making

There are a few key things to consider when making decisions: your range, the purpose of the decision, and the specific situation you’re in.

Your range is how much latitude you have within which to make a decision. The narrower your range, the more constrained you are, while a wider range gives you more flexibility. You need to be aware of your range so that you don’t make a decision that’s outside of your ability to carry out.

The purpose of a decision is what it’s meant to achieve. Not all decisions are made with the same goal in mind. Some decisions are meant to get you from Point A to Point B as quickly and efficiently as possible, while others aim for a longer-term effect. Having a clear goal in mind that determines how you approach the decision you need to make is a big help when it comes to making decisions. And again, if you’re unable to know why you’re making a decision, it raises the risk that you’ll make an unproductive one.

And finally, we come to the specifics of your situation and the questions that need answering: what are you actually trying to achieve here? What do you expect will happen as a result of making this decision? and by when? If carelessly deciding isn’t allowed at all times — say because there could be severe consequences or ramifications — then always trying takes on increased importance. You don’t want to waste time thinking about what could go wrong, only for society’s need to know or for your team or managers’ needs putting urgency behind the answer. Of course, always starting pre-emptively with the why and what means that others must be extremely clear about their opinions and preferences before further discussion. Just as important, it also helps you form a response and be more informed when the decision is eventually made.

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