1.2 Values, belief systems, and experiences affecting working practice

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care
Unit 9: Managing Self
LO1: Understand the importance of self-awareness

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1.2 Values, belief systems, and experiences affecting working practice


A values system is a set of beliefs or actions that a person believes are right for the individual. This can be a code of behavior, but can also be ethics, rule-based systems, or, to some extent thematic statement. Different people may have different values. For example, there is an overall desire for safety and security in society which explains why road traffic legislation exists. However, everyone does not share the same values with respect to the environment and helping others who are less fortunate.

Belief systems

In practical terms, belief systems are strong feelings an individual has about how people and the world works. If a person does not agree with how something works, he or she will form opinions about it. Also called ‘opinions’, ‘views’ or simply ‘thoughts’ in management literature, belief systems are formed from an early age. Different backgrounds and experiences lead to different thought processes. Our beliefs may be influenced by what we have witnessed in our past circumstances both positive or negative as well as being influenced by our parents, siblings or teachers, media, etc.


Our values and beliefs are shaped by our past experiences. Experiences give us theories (guesswork) of the way the world operates hence they invariably control the way we behave in such situations. This is called theory-in-use. A college lecturer explaining to some students his online theories on motivation managed over time to change his own attitudes and beliefs about motivation after he found the theories did not work for him.

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