3.6 Demonstrate positive approaches to risk assessments

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 8: Safeguarding, Protection, and Risk

LO3: Understand restrictive practice and potential impact

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3.6 Demonstrate positive approaches to risk assessments

The focus on risk assessment is common in policy and practice, but it is also found in research to be important. Risk assessment should take into account the individual student’s ability to cope with risks and their reaction time and response rate to risks. It should also consider the impact of risks on the school year-round program so that students can have a positive experience while still being aware of potential dangers.

In addition, if the risks to student safety can be figured out and may have do have the aspect of uncertainty in them, teachers and principals should not be so anxious. However, it is essential that the risks are real and far-reaching enough that they can not be ignored by teachers given their stronger than in other occupations and knowledge bases. From a researcher’s perspective, it could be for the most effective purposes for risks that can also have uncertainties about them to be so. On one hand, teachers have strongly believed in students’ estimations of risk for each given scenario, and on the other, there has been nothing definitive to prove the extent of these risks.

A risk that can not be accessed is as opposed directly to safety and risk community as nothing at all. This approach avoids questions about the objectivity of risks when it is discussed amongst professionals because there are still few ways to find out what risks consist of. Therefore, it is hard to prove whether it really is risky if one ignores the possible aforementioned uncertainty.

It is conceivable that the objective is to be quite specific, or quantifiable so that meaningful discussion and decisions on risks can be made. Therefore, according to the FLA interpretation of how an existential risk might take place, it is possible that the development of items probabilistic in nature is going to become more common amongst research institutions.

This could serve in the sense of helping future workers in assessing objectivity whilst also providing a necessary purpose for risk management firms. So far as considering wages are concerned, it is absolutely vital that research concerning calculating individual probabilities never happens close to any profession where paid labor is concerned.

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