3.3 Use digital technology to enhance own efficiency

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 9: Managing Self

LO3: Manage workloads

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3.3 Use digital technology to enhance own efficiency

Digital technologies can be used to enhance the efficiency of the person using them. This means that digital technologies can be used to improve the efficiency of the person using them. This means that digital technologies can help the person doing the improving into a better state of mind and then do what they are best at. It also means that digital technologies can help people get closer to some lower-level forms of existence, such as fruits and vegetables.

This is a higher-level form of existence but brings them more in the way of their lower component parts, which are food and vegetables. Going this route can help the person who uses it to solve current problems very well. This is why digital technologies can be so efficient at getting at objects.

Different types of digital technology:

While digital technology is a large and rather complicated concept, there are different types of it. Some types of this technology are obvious like computers or robots while other digital technologies could be either not understood or just completely unconventional.

The digital technology kinds include but are not limited to the following:

Electronic: Electronic looks like a project you can play on beginners’ computers but it’s very different from those basic examples. Electronically is the newest type of application when it comes to digital technology and was made exclusive for division handling data instead of just visualizing data. Electronically consists of inspecting objects with a command which consists of an internal type and external type. External kind gives information about things that can only be sensed and internal ones give information about things that can only be understood unlike with human’s use in communications which has both components.

Stand-alone software: is used when people do not have adequate computer software accessible to them legally, thus causing them to need software or otherwise they wouldn’t be able to use it which is enabling them to get access to digital technology.

Audio Tour: An audio tour application is either software or hardware located called auditory display that gives people a little explanation about them and makes it more accessible for them but it is not essential for them.

Web talk: Web talk application is software which sits on the web that combines audio and text together in one place eliminating people’s time constraints in getting information from websites ads that are hard to understand are replaced by short-texts giving the users stimulation while letting mobile users gaining access to video clip and graphics while having a better understanding of the site they’re visiting.

ICT1: Inter-carriage Communication standards technology that sends signals across Information communication technologies are certain such classes of electronics that send information or messages in addition during transmission. The most important of these classes invented by Marconi was radio communication. These classes include light,

IOT2: Internet of Things acronical; Interneted thing(s) Communication using a type of technology, that is connected to the World Wide Web, wireless or wireless networks. It extends to other identifiers such as image links, URLs,s, and many others.

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