3.1 Use strategies and tools to identify priorities for work.

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 9: Managing Self

LO3: Manage workloads

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3.1 Use strategies and tools to identify priorities for work.

Managers and leaders need to be able to identify priorities for work in order to make the necessary decisions that will keep their organization running smoothly. There are a few strategies you can use, such as prioritizing items based on importance or urgency. You may also want to take into account the long-term goals of your company when determining what needs immediate attention and what can wait until later; this is called planning ahead. Finally, it’s important not only know your own strengths but those of others on staff so you’re aware who might be better at tackling certain tasks than yourself.

Possibly test the strengths and weaknesses of team members by putting them in different groups, switch-offs, or rotations to determine which arrangement works best for your organization. Ensure that you build on each person’s strengths rather than taking them into account in subtle ways; do so openly and fairly.

If you find it’s more difficult for the entire team to meet deadlines, this may also be a sign that one or two team members may be putting unwanted pressure on their coworkers.

At the beginning of your working day, make sure that everyone is aware of what they have separate logistics are ready so they don’t feel they need to stop to ask each other what they need. This can be done by having “mainly wants” at the front of a list and then the “need” portion at the back, or by keeping track with sticky notes on each person’s computer. You can write down supplies needed (glass bottling bottles) by hand when you get home too.

If members of your staff come in late because of traffic or congestion, or if everybody has to stop for lunch, try to solve it without having everyone be as upset as they might be when they arrive. Plan a game of ping pong at lunchtime; throw in a dish and a few bottles of soda (in case someone forgets a water bottle); get rid of the unopened mail and anything that isn’t “mishandled” (put away but is not sorted on the mail handler’s electronic platform) — making it more redolent of working day.

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