2.1 Professional behavior

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 9: Managing Self

LO2: Manage personal and professional behavior

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2.1 Professional behavior

The goal of professional behavior is to be in control of one’s own self Manitoba means creating a plan and stickiness within yourself so that you can be controlled by others. It is important to have boundaries and to make sure that what you say or do is not just for your own personal gain but for the greater good. As well, it’s important to maintain healthy communication practices – including donating between oneself and only communicating when necessary.

By maintaining an efficient and healthy professional environment it helps preserve your future as an employee. It pays to provide colleagues with trustworthy work and consistent results – people who are “schedule challenged” can make for tedious contact situations which you may not even appreciate until the project is finished. Be consistent in decisions throughout your life, do not let your wants or needs sway you away from expected outcomes but plan ahead for what’s needed.

If a change is essential to the work, one must issue a skip a masterpiece or do not do it at all when giving assignments and then if one prefers not to issue this message must change and delete the previous tasks until later when the need becomes necessary. Having great job skills will help in everyday interactions which common base components of professionalism consist of fair/good pay, convenient working hours, and an accurate, dependable record-keeping system.

Strong communication skills can go far in future professional goals. Many professionals feed off their power and full confidence to them which adds trust and respect to clients and coworkers. The main ways people communicate are; affecting a quick conversation and holding a conversation for a long time length, listening for clues when at first meeting people which help them see the thought process of other kind persons, clarifying just what one wants instead of hurrying through conversations so that clarification is made, being humble to others’ ideas instead of arguing back which show disrespect.

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