5.2 Supporting all team members to understand and be able to apply the policies and procedures in their day-to-day work.

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 8: Safeguarding, Protection, and Risk

LO5: Promote health and safety

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5.2 Supporting all team members to understand and be able to apply the policies and procedures in their day-to-day work.

Supporting team members in learning and applying the policies and procedures of their workplace is an important part of effective work. By implementing a system that requires all team members to be able to understand the policy statement, procedure, or task at hand, you will create an environment in which everyone can collaborate effectively.

Also, through team members acquiring new skills, a company can reduce costs invested in training and education.

Aside from the cost, an effective training and learning system necessitates all team members be fully educated on their jobs. This creates job satisfaction for all the employees as well as an environment based on teamwork and cooperation. Effective learning systems have employees working together to increase productivity instead of against each other; it also creates job satisfaction which ultimately increases employee retention rates.

All these benefits combine to create an overall increased understanding of workplace safety as well as reduce any potential harm involved in a workplace accident due to incorrectly carried out procedures or policies.

Providing guidance throughout the workday on outstanding tasks, decisions, and issues and reviewing findings.

Effective Workplace Safety Managers will be able to properly delegate other complex tasks throughout the day while providing ongoing guidance to the employee(s) working on these tasks. They will take note of new information regarding situations that can affect employee safety which then may need to be discussed with employees.

Lastly, an EWM, who is following up with the later task or projects, can assess with team members how these new issues or changes may affect work-related safety as well as how this information is conveyed to employees. A great method for assessing information includes using Informal Audit techniques. These techniques include asking “who”, “what” interesting fact, or something very unique about this work and describing their findings back to management in a form of recommended practices for improving overall workplace safety.

Responding to the disturbance by assessing the situation, communicating details clearly with individuals involved, and preparing to assist injured people where necessary.

Working in a way that directs troubled team members(s) towards the most appropriate channel (i.e: Engineers requesting help from company psychiatrists and not engineers asking other employees). Then making decisions whether the disturbing person (or people) should be asked to leave the work area/site if they are potentially having a negative effect on team and work performance due to unsafe job behavior or attitudes. If the substandard work performance is not leading to unsafe job productivity, constructive criticism, positive statements or some similar procedure might be more effective in conveying safety improvements.

An effective EWM will also recognize their own limitations and know when to get help (from resources within the company). and any advice given should intimate full professionalism, whereas employee(s) should attempt to change process or behavior as per guidelines yet keep an open mind regarding any negative opinions. EWM may show that they consider employees’ words and adjust their opinion accordingly soon after speaking with them. The overall task will be completed faster while keeping an open dialogue while still maintaining workplace safety regulations, good business practices/ common sense.

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