4.3 National and local requirements for reporting suspicions or disclosures of danger, harm, abuse, or exploitation of children and young people.

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 8: Safeguarding, Protection, and Risk

LO4: Understand the role and responsibilities of adult care practitioners in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children and young people

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4.3 National and local requirements for reporting suspicions or disclosures of danger, harm, abuse, or exploitation of children and young people.

Child Protection is the part of Social Services that looks after children and young people who are at risk. Child protection work can include investigations, making sure someone is not neglecting or harming a child, providing support for families where there might be abuse taking place within the family home or out in society, and protecting children from harm/exploitation from adults, people that might abuse them, or anyone else out there.

There are laws in place that both businesses and individuals must follow to report any suspicions about child exploitation and leaving them vulnerable for deciding if and what information must be reported to Child Protective Services (CPS). This assistance provides protection to the public and children especially those who might fall victim to a pedophile or other perverts. Due to all these closings, the future of these children could be taken away if they are missed by an agency or if they are harmed or exploited by one person that they feel vulnerable towards during a childhood event.

Children are taken away from their family and society without any charges or mentions and left with strangers that didn’t seem to be a risk to them. This is highly upsetting for a preschooler, who gets taken from his environment which violates their basic rights for freedom. Victims of child abuse and exploitation may include but are not limited to extreme neglect, emotional/verbal/sexual trauma, physical injury as well as physical abuse (MHBRS 2013). Abuse by definition means people who cause harm through unwanted acts, such as arguments and abuses, (Amin et al. 2011; Minasian 2009; Stanistreet 2007).

Children can be exploitative to adults when they have widespread attachment to the adults in the household helplessly depending on them for contact with good security settings, healthy nutrition, economical supplies needed in daily routine life along with emotional support. Research studies have found prevention strategies under the Child Abuse Prevention Act of 1984 but speaking out on incidents might not be what child protective services are looking for.

In other words, CPS might arrive too late to show potential accountability of the occurrences in a functioning relationship with the perpetrator; this would be delayed investigations due to a lack of culpability by those not held accountable for these situations. “Long term compliance by those held accountable is likely one reason for underreporting.

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