3.5 Methods of managing policies and procedures related to positive risk-taking

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 8: Safeguarding, protection and risk

LO3: Understand restrictive practice and potential impact

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When it comes to risk-taking, most people are not aware of the fact that there’s a difference between being conservative and restrictive. It is important for you as an employee in this setting how team members become informed about our policies surrounding positivity/restrictiveness so they can make educated decisions on whether or when their life may depend upon them taking risks (i.e., medical emergencies).

There are several methods you can use to manage policies and procedures related to positive risk-taking.

  • One option is to create a paper-based system in which employees must read and sign a document stating that they have read and understood the policy. This method can be time-consuming and may not be effective if employees do not read or understand the policy.
  • Another option is to use an electronic system in which employees must log in to a website or app and read and agree to the policy. This method is more efficient than the paper-based system but can be less effective if employees do not have access to a computer or the internet.
  • A third option is to use a combination of paper-based and electronic systems. This option is the most efficient and effective, as it allows employees to read and understand the policy in a more comfortable setting and provides a way for employers to track employee compliance.

No matter which system you choose to use, it is important to ensure that employees are aware of the policy and understand the risks associated with positive risk-taking. You can do this by providing training on the policy and by ensuring that the policy is easy to find and understand. Employees should also be encouraged to ask questions about the policy so that they can make informed decisions about when and how to take risks.

It is important for employers to remember that positive risk-taking can be beneficial for employees and the organization as a whole. Employees who feel safe and comfortable taking risks are more likely to be productive and innovative. Employers who encourage risk-taking also create a culture of openness and trust, which can lead to better communication and problem-solving.

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