1.4 Methods of promoting and supporting safeguarding in the work setting

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 8: Safeguarding, Protection, and Risk

LO1: Understand safeguarding legislation, local and national policies

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1.4 Methods of promoting and supporting safeguarding in the work setting

Safeguarding is an important part of organizational culture and requires all levels of management to support it. It is also important not to isolate the workplace safeguarding initiatives from other HRM work. Organizational culture, clearly defined roles, and responsibilities, risk assessments, policies, and procedures can all contribute towards a safer working environment for both employees and clients/customers.

The challenge for organizations is to prevent violence in the workplace by assessing security risks while encouraging a positive organizational culture and promoting respect. By putting in place policies, procedures, and practices (P3) that support the principles of safeguarding, staff members are better protected against harm. This means developing an active approach to safety management that engages all employees and helps them take ownership and responsibility for their own actions.

Safeguarding is not exclusive to safeguarding children; it also can look at safeguarding adults who may be vulnerable due to disabilities, addictions/dependency, mental illness, or other complex needs. Safeguarding should extend beyond the physical safety of individuals and take into account their emotional, mental, and social wellbeing.

Over the last year organizations in the United Kingdom have been continually reminded of their responsibilities to protect children from abuse by high-profile news stories regarding child sexual exploitation (CSE) gangs. However, these safeguarding procedures must be extended into adult protection as well. The recent statistics released by the University of Bedfordshire show the number of safeguarding cases involving adults with learning disabilities has risen by almost 30% since 2011/12. It is crucial that organizations provide appropriate strategies to prevent abuse and neglect of their staff, sub-contractors, volunteers, and clients/customers.

Creating a culture where people feel more able to report incidents without fearing reprisals is important. But fundamentally, the success of safeguarding interventions for adults and children depends on whether staff members feel able to come forward with their concerns. If people fear that they will not be listened to or that they will be punished if they raise legitimate issues, then abuse and harassment may continue unchecked, with devastating consequences.

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Although organizations may already have policies in place to support victim assistance, it is important that these are backed up with appropriately trained staff. It is vital employees feel confident enough to act upon their gut instinct and to encourage them to report any incidents they witness or become aware of immediately.

Employees need to feel protected by the organization so that they can come forward with their concerns without fearing the consequences.

Having a safeguarding policy in place helps to protect both employees and people who visit/use your services, but it is important that everyone within the organization understands the policies fully so they can work together to ensure everyone’s safety. Having a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities will help managers take quick action if they become aware of any safeguarding issues.

Safeguarding in the organizations should be integrated into the organization’s event planning process. When an organization is planning events, it can ensure that all levels of management understand their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding. This will also include the responsibility to prevent harassment, intimidation, or bullying.

There are many ways to promote and support safeguarding in the work setting. Some methods include:

  • Creating a policy that outlines expectations for employees with regards to safeguarding
  • Training employees on how to recognize and report potential abuse
  • Developing systems for tracking and monitoring employee interactions with clients/patients
  • Providing regular refresher training for staff on safeguarding best practices
  • Encouraging employees to suggest new ways of safeguarding or promoting awareness
  • Providing support for collaborative community efforts

It is important to remember that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, not just the responsibility of those who work directly with clients/patients. Understanding what behaviors constitute abuse and neglect, knowing how to recognize them, and having the confidence of speaking up if you suspect abuse or neglect is occurring are all essential components of promoting safeguarding.

By implementing these methods, organizations can show their commitment to promoting and supporting safeguarding in the workplace.

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