Unit 7: Resource Management in Adult Care

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care (RQF)

It can be challenging to manage resources effectively when caring for adults, especially those with complex needs. This unit will help you to develop personal, technical, and interpersonal skills to promote the dignity of adults at all times. You’ll learn about assessment practices and using communication skills, working as part of a team, and promoting person-centered care.

You’ll explore the importance of promoting an individual’s rights, their involvement in care planning and review, and look at ways to manage staff workloads. You’ll learn about risk management, maintaining dignity and confidentiality. You will also be able to reflect on your own skills using self-assessment tools.

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LO1: Understand principles of effective resource management

When planning and delivering care, support, and supervision for adults you’ll want to consider what resources are required. Resources are not limited to physical equipment – staff, time, materials and information are examples of other types of resources. You’ll need to consider what is required to meet the person’s needs based on their unique lifestyle, preferences, and rights. As a manager, you must make sure these needs are provided in a timely manner. You can do this by developing a detailed plan of work, delegating tasks appropriately, monitoring workloads, and following up on actions.

National, local and organizational strategies and priorities on resource planning and management

The government has identified that resources are required to meet the needs of an aging population. The National Care Standards clearly state how resources should be used in adult social care settings, for example, all equipment must be checked frequently and sanitized after each use.

Resource management is essential when providing personal or domestic care services. For instance, you will need to consider how much time, assistance, and equipment is required to support people with dressing and undressing. You will need health and safety resources such as adequate lighting in specific areas of the home or when walking outdoors at night.

Roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities for resource management

As a manager, you will be responsible for planning, monitoring, and evaluating the provision of resources. You may also be required to report resource usage so that the appropriate level of funding can be received from external agencies such as local authorities or NHS Trusts.

On a day-to-day basis, the care manager has a primary role in ensuring that they receive relevant information about service users’ needs, current assessments, and future plans. A carer’s responsibilities are to provide good quality person-centered support to people with personal or social care needs in line with their plan.

The key accountability of managers is to ensure that the workforce has the knowledge and skills to deliver person-centered care. The manager will also be accountable for ensuring that all equipment is appropriately maintained and safe to use, carrying out regular checks on staff competency, and conducting training sessions when required.

Importance of accurate forecasting for resource management

It’s important to accurately plan what resources are required, and when they will be required. You’ll need to keep accurate records of all relevant information such as service user needs, assessment outcomes, and staff timetables. This information can then be used to produce a detailed management plan identifying the type and quantity of resources that will be provided.

A thorough resource management plan will also include how the plan is to be monitored and evaluated. You can then monitor progress and make changes if required, for example adding or removing staff from the rota.

Value of using assets and resources outside traditional services and in the community

People with personal or social care needs may require additional support to ensure they live safely and comfortably in their own homes. This might be provided by the person themselves, a family member or friend, or a paid care worker.

As well as using community resources such as these, you should also consider the use of non-traditional resources such as volunteers. For example, volunteers may be able to provide practical or emotional support to people living alone with an illness.

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Role technology plays as a resource in service delivery and service management

Technology can help in all steps of the resource management process. It can also reduce reliance on staff members when implementing a sharing economy, for example when sharing resources between domiciliary care services and residential care homes such as supported living facilities.

Managers will need to consider how technology can aid communication aspects of resource management. This may include access to shared calendars, alerts, reminders, and messaging apps on work-based smartphones or laptops.

The use of collaborative software for care workers may also be beneficial in some cases. For example, being able to work from home using a virtual desktop computer accessed via the cloud, with access to shared documents and contact details.

Sustainability in terms of resource management in adult care

In terms of resource management, there are a number of considerations that should be taken into account to promote sustainability. In this case, the term “sustainability” is referring to long-term, practical solutions for managing resources and budgets in adult care services.

As mentioned above, it’s important not to use traditional methods alone as a means of delivering care. It’s equally as important to consider whether less traditional methods such as sharing economy and community resources can be used as a means of providing an adequate service for people who need or want it.

Processes for acquiring resources

The process of acquiring resources for personal or social care is an important element of the resource management plan. As well as considering how employees are selected, what equipment they use, and where this equipment comes from, managers should also consider how they will acquire new equipment in the future.

For example, it may be that certain tools or pieces of equipment would benefit the service, but are not currently available within budget or have not been purchased for financial reasons. In these cases, it may be necessary to list this as a specific requirement in future recruitment campaigns, with staff being asked to look out for any second-hand equipment that could benefit the service.

LO2: Understand principles of human resource management

In an adult care setting, human resources management (HRM) is the process of hiring, training, and firing employees. It also includes managing employee benefits, pays scales, and working conditions.

One of the most important principles of HRM is that it should be tailored to the specific needs of the organization. For example, a small business might require different HR policies than a large corporation.

Another important principle is that HRM should be based on sound ethical principles. For example, employers should not discriminate against employees based on age, race, sex, or religion. They should also ensure that employees are treated fairly and with respect.

Factors and approaches were known to improve recruitment and retention of adult care staff

One of the key factors in sustaining a sharing economy is staff retention. Staff need to be motivated and satisfied with their work to make the service sustainable and provide high-quality care to clients. This also includes managing staff morale and making sure that staff members feel valued for what they do.

As well as retaining good staff members, employers should also be aware of how to solve common issues such as absenteeism and presenteeism. This is important because it would reduce the number of staff that needs to be employed, thus reducing costs.

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Importance of recruitment, selection, and induction processes in the organization and learners role in this process

The recruitment process is important for finding qualified candidates to fill a position in an organization. The selection process is important for narrowing down the pool of candidates to find the best fit for the position. And the induction process is important for orienting new employees and helping them adjust to their new role in the organization.

The learner’s role in this process is to be open-minded and willing to learn and to be patient during the selection and induction processes. It’s important to be selective about which organizations you want to work for, and it’s also important to be patient while waiting for a job offer, and while adjusting to your new role in the organization.

Importance of ensuring employment practices are free from discrimination and harassment

Employment practices, including recruitment, interviewing, hiring, training, and development of employees should be free from discrimination. It’s also important that employers have a strong anti-harassment policy in place for all employees to ensure they are treated equally and with respect.

Recruitment policies should not discriminate against applicants based on race, gender, religion, or disability. It’s also important that there is no favoritism or nepotism during the recruitment process, and that all employees are treated fairly.

Processes to identify the numbers and patterns of staffing required to provide a person-centered, outcome-based service

There are two main factors to consider when determining the numbers and patterns of staffing for an organization. The first is the number of clients that need services, which varies depending on their needs. The second is the quality of care provided, which varies depending on where in the continuum of care a person falls.

It’s also important to note that workforce planning should be done in accordance with the principles of Person-Centeredness, Outcomes, and Self-Determination. This means that staff members are hired, trained, and supported so they can provide high-quality care to clients while encouraging them to do as much of the daily activities for themselves.

Manage and adjust staffing patterns

In order to ensure that services are delivered in accordance with client care plans, employers should be able to manage and adjust their staffing patterns. This includes being able to hire, train, or reassign staff members as necessary. It’s also important to be able to adjust staff patterns as client needs change, and when ensuring that the agency operates within appropriate financial restraints.

This can include managing overtime costs by adjusting staffing levels during busy times. It could also include hiring additional support staff or ancillary workers if the workload is too high for current staff members to handle alone.

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