1.1 National, local and organizational strategies and priorities on resource planning and management

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 7: Resource management in adult care

LO1: Understand principles of effective resource management

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1.1 National, local and organizational strategies and priorities on resource planning and management

In adult care settings, resource planning is the process of forecasting future needs and ensuring that the necessary resources are allocated in a timely manner. This typically includes staff, supplies, and other resources required to provide care. Resources can be categorized as:

  • Human: staff and their skills, knowledge, and abilities
  • Financial: cash resources to pay for goods, services, and facilities
  • Physical: buildings, equipment, and supplies. This type of resource is often called ‘capital’.

There are a number of different strategies and priorities that can be carried out on national, local, and organizational scales in adult care settings when it comes to resource planning and management.

National Strategies

At the national level, there are a number of strategies that can be carried out. This includes:

  • Being aware of the need for adequate funding in order to meet resource needs. National governments often set a budget, and organizations must make use of their resources within this framework.
  • Developing a national skill mix or workforce plan, with a view to ensuring that there is a balance between young and old workers.
  • Awareness of the tensions that can arise between providing resources and meeting national priority levels such as those issued by government departments.
  • Improving the financial stability of services through a reasonable structure for income generation combined with effective cost control, in order to ensure optimum expenditure on care.
  • Ensuring that the voice of service users is heard and their needs are taken into account in future plans for resource allocation.

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Local Strategies

At a local level, there are ways to improve how resources are being allocated within an adult care setting:

  • The use of a social needs assessment to determine where resources should be allocated, and how much funding each area requires.
  • The use of a social care management information system (SCIMS), which is designed to monitor and record patient caseloads, service usage, supply stock levels, staff availability, and costings. It demonstrates the need for resources in all areas.
  • Careful planning and accurate estimating of how many patients will be cared for, together with a good understanding of staffing levels and qualifications required.
  • Awareness of the local priorities for care for older people, including those issued by any local commissioners or health authorities.
  • An understanding of the staffing levels and skill mix within the local service offer.

Organizational Strategies

At the organizational level, strategies might include:

  • The preparation of a business plan and having a better idea of how this fits with other budgets and plans.
  • Having a cross-disciplinary approach, with people from different backgrounds working together to ensure that needs are being met.
  • Improved linkages and relationships between commissioners, providers, and users to improve the ways in which resources are allocated.
  • The development of a practice plan, to ensure that the service is provided in line with current national and local health care policy as well as applicable legislation (including Care Standards Act 2000).
  • An understanding of how the work done by operational managers fits into the overall structure and goals of the organization.

It is important for organizations to conduct an assessment of their current physical, financial, and human resources in order to develop a resource management plan.

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